Thursday, October 13, 2016

Right now...

Right now... (an occasional meme): 

Recuperating: From Oldest Nephew's wedding. I didn't feel back to anything approaching normal or caught up on sleep until the middle of the week afterward. Between that (two weekends past now), and the Thanksgiving long weekend this past weekend, I seriously am having trouble keeping track of what day it is.

Reading:  Bruce Springsteen's new memoir, "Born to Run." And trying to find time to start "Music in the Hills" by D.E. Stevenson (my Yahoo group's current novel under discussion -- will need to catch up...!), and to read Dan Brown's "Inferno" before the movie version starts on Oct. 28th...!

Watching:  The new season of "Poldark" on PBS. The only new show we've really been watching so far is "Designated Survivor" with Kiefer Sutherland. I must admit I find it kind of amusing that the son of a former Black Panther supporter (Shirley Douglas) and grandson of the socialist premier of Saskatchewan (Tommy Douglas) who is considered the father of Canada's universal health care system would be playing the President of the United States. ;)   Not sure how many Americans realize this...!  ;)

Listening:  To the sounds of the construction machinery & workers on the townhouse site behind us. It is loud (often wakes us up before 7 a.m....!), but it's not going to last forever, and it's actually kind of fascinating to watch the process unfold.

Also listening to the Bob Dylan soundtrack in my head since the announcement this morning that he's won the Nobel Prize (!).  For some reason "It Ain't Me Babe" (as sung by the Turtles) is predominant. I knew lots of Dylan songs, growing up, before I ever actually heard one sung BY Dylan, lol. "Mr. Tambourine Man" (The Byrds), "The Mighty Quinn" (Manfred Mann), "If Not for You" (Olivia Newton-John), "All Along the Watchtower" (Jimi Hendrix), "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (Linda Ronstadt).  We sang "Blowing in the Wind" ad nauseum in grade school... I got thoroughly sick of it & still find myself rolling my eyes when I hear it.  (Sorry, Bob.) I don't know if I have a favourite Dylan song, but the first one I remember hearing on the radio that made an impression on me, I think, was "Knocking on Heaven's Door." I still like that one. :)

(Dylan, of course, was born in Minnesota, where my family has roots... he is the same age as my mother, and I have read that he got his start playing coffeehouses around the University of Minnesota campus around 1959-60.  My mother was going to nursing school in the same area at the same time... I find it amusing to think they may have crossed paths at some point!) 

Drinking:  Tea -- my preferred caffeine fix. :)   

Eating: Supper tonight: dh's favourite chickpeas with tubetti pasta.

Wearing:  Sadly, I have had to trade in my capris & sandals for long jeans/yoga pants, socks & shoes, and sweaters or jackets outside. The weather here is still pretty nice, but there is a definitely chill in the air that says autumn is really here (and winter will soon be on its way...).  

Following: The U.S. election. (Against my better judgment, perhaps?? lol) I can't wait for it to be over, and I'm Canadian -- I can't imagine the election fatigue Americans must be feeling...!

Loving:  The autumn colours, approaching their peak. Some have said they are not as vibrant this year because of the hot, dry summer we had, but they still look pretty good to me... ;)

Investigating: Flights for Christmas (already!)(and there's already a dwindling selection of times & prices for certain dates...!).

Contemplating:  Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Week & Day (this Saturday the 15th). I've seen some great articles online on the topic. The day was officially proclaimed by the province of Ontario this year, and in a growing number of Ontario cities. Slowly but surely, we are making progress and making our voices heard on these important issues!

Trying:  To motivate myself to get some of the longstanding items on my to-do list crossed off.  Procrastination, thy name is Loribeth. :p


  1. Hmmm...I thought procrastionation had a different name. Shorter but similar ;-)

    Is the Springsteen memoir good? I'm thinking of shortlisting it.

    1. Very good. :) I am loving it! It's really well written. I'm a little over halfway through (post-"Nebraska").

  2. My English co-teacher is OBSESSED with Bruce Springsteen. I am not a big fan (although I loved the Seeger Sessions, which now I'm sure I've misspelled), but his book sounds interesting. I loved the first paragraph, which he read out loud as an example of great writing. My favorite Dylan song is "Don't Think Twice It's Alright," but my favorite artist to sing it is Susan Tedeschi. I bet it's a lot of work catching up from that wedding! Thinking of you for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Week & Day. So important to have that awareness out there, but hard to get smacked with it on social media. It is ridiculously hot here, and I don't think I'm too far from you (Rochester NY). It's going to be 80. We went for a hike and in most of the woods the leaves were still all green. It's bizarre. Nights are nice and cool though. Mmmmm, chickpeas. Now I think I have to go get stuff to make chickpea and sausage stew... :) And now to stop procrastinating myself and get to my lesson planning. You have good company in that arena... :)

  3. Noooo, "procrastination" is my name!

    I once lived next to an apartment that was under construction in Bangkok. They used to pour the concrete at night, because Bangkok traffic was so dreadful, they couldn't risk getting the concrete trucks through during the day. I almost went mad at the noises in the middle of the night, stopping me sleeping. I hope that doesn't happen to you! Still, you could use it as a good excuse for a nap in the middle of the day!

    I've learned a few new things about Kiefer Sutherland today. Thanks for that!