Monday, February 20, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Family Day 2017

It's Family Day here in Ontario (& several other Canadian provinces) -- a holiday which (as I have often complained in the past ;) )  the politicians made up about 10 years ago so that we could have a much-needed mid-winter break (OK, I can live with that... ;) ) -- but then slapped a label on it to demonstrate their "family-friendliness." And you know when they envisioned "Family Day," they weren't thinking about families that deviate from two parents (preferably one of each gender) and at least one kid. Certainly not "families of two," such as dh & me.

So I was grateful to one of my Facebook friends (whom we met through our pg loss support group) who posted this definition of "family" earlier this morning:

Much more inclusive, don't you think?  :)

I hope most if not all of you (at least those of you in North America) have a holiday today, & that it's a good one. :) 

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  1. SO much more inclusive! I love that definition. We have President's Day today, which has a bit of a, um, different tone than in past years. It's also February Break, so I have this week off, although I brought a lot of work home. I just have to discipline myself to buckle down and get it done before I spend the last few days of break frantically working! (But in my pajamas, so that's a plus.) Family Day on top of Mother's Day and Father's Day, huh? Hmmmm. I hope you are having a lovely sunny day like we are in Rochester. Chilly, but the sunshine makes me feel less like hibernating. :)

  2. They could have called it "short break in the shortest month." Love Day to piggyback on Valentine's Day. Or centered it on something cool -- Book Day, a unique break in February that encourages people to buy books, give books as gifts, join reading circles for the day, etc.

    1. One of our previous prime ministers, Jean Chretien, wanted a national holiday in mid-February called Heritage Day. Feb. 15, 1965, was the day Canada adopted the maple leaf flag, and some have called for that to be a national holiday. My home province of Manitoba has a holiday today too, but they have called it Louis Riel Day. Louis Riel was hanged as a traitor in the 1880s, but today he is recognized as the founder of Manitoba and a leader of the Metis people. Nova Scotia celebrates Heritage Day and picks a different heritage theme to focus on every year. I would prefer something like that.

  3. I like to think that we're a family of like-minded people here on the blogosphere. So Happy Us Day!

  4. I like that definition. The Oxford Dictionary should think about adopting that; theirs is very narrow. I do get sick of all the family stuff bandied about by politicians. I hope Ireland doesn't have a Family Day: it's the last thing I need here.

  5. That's such a great definition, I'm so glad that you shared it with us.

  6. That meme does help include and build bridges. I hope you and DH had a wonderful mid-winter holiday <3