Monday, February 27, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Oscars edition

I had planned to write something about the Oscars today -- but I never expected they would end the way they did.  That was pretty wild, huh??  I felt bad for the people from both movies -- "La La Land," flush with victory, only to discover, through no fault of their own, "oops..." -- and "Moonlight," no doubt disappointed to lose, only to find out, "hey, we screwed up, you won after all."  Not exactly the way they pictured winning, I'm sure. I thought the guy from "La La Land" was very gracious, all things considered. 

As I've written before on this blog (here and here, especially), Oscar night has always been sacred at my house. Since I was a kid, I've always cut a ballot out from the newspaper (or a magazine, or these days, I'll print one off online) & ticked off the winners as the show progresses, keeping track of how many Oscars each movie wins. The only thing missing this year from my usual routine was the popcorn:  I usually have a big bowl beside me to munch on as the show opens (along with a big glass of Coke, with ice -- we normally don't keep soft drinks around the house, but we make an exception for Oscar night) -- but I broke a tooth on Monday (!!). I got it filled the next day and will be getting a crown just as soon as the insurance company provides an estimate of what it will cover, but I'm trying to be careful in the meantime. So I had potato chips instead. ;)  This was the fourth tooth I've broken -- and apparently, it's one I broke in the past too (I thought it was the one next door), so hence, the recommendation to cap it. The very first tooth I ever broke was on a piece of popcorn on an Oscar night past;  I also broke a tooth while eating popcorn at the movies (perhaps ironically, it was "Something's Got to Give" with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson), and the third time was on a piece of Werthers candy. 

Anyway, envelope screw-ups and potato chips vs popcorn aside, I thought it was a pretty good Oscars, right up until the very end. I thought the dresses were just the right mixture of "Wow!" and "Seriously??"  (Charlize Theron's gorgeous metallic silver dress was probably my favourite.) There were some great speeches -- and actually a lot fewer political comments in them than I thought there would be (and most of what was said was pretty restrained and well put). I thought Jimmy Kimmel did a good job as host -- and wouldn't you have loved to be one of those people from the tour bus that got to walk through the auditorium & take selfies with the front row?? I thought it was the best Oscars stunt since Ellen ordered in pizza a couple of years ago. 

And, best of all, being retired, I didn't have to get up and go to work this morning. ;) 

Did you watch the Oscars and what did you think?? (Of the snafu at the end, and/or anything & everything else?)  (And, Oscars aside, have you ever broken a tooth??)

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  1. I no longer get to watch the Oscars, as it is on a cable channel we've stopped getting. I'll have to go online to see the dresses, and maybe see some snippets of Jimmy Kimmel, and the big snafu.

    And yes, I broke a tooth years ago when I was going through a health kick, and sprouting my own mung beans. An unsprouted mung bean is as hard as a rock, I learned, as I broke a tooth biting on it!

  2. Oh my gosh, I loved the tour bus. Yes, best since Ellen. :) I love when they do those things. Jimmy Kimmel was good. I loved his jabs at Matt Damon. It was definitely one of the most entertaining ones I've seen. :)

  3. I can't sit through the Oscars because of the self-indulgent thank-you speeches from dull unknowns, but I love the highlights and the fashion galleries the next day. Charlize looked good: a bit like the Oscar trophy itself. Not sure what to make of Michelle Williams...great, I think; minimalist. Emma Stone looked impeccable. I loved Halle Berry's dress the best but unconvinced by the wild hair; bit mop-like. The whole f*ck up with the nominations was almost as good as someone tripping over their train and falling off the stage. Casey Affleck (who I like as an actor) looked maximally creepy, especially in the light of the controversy around him.

  4. Between not owning a TV and being too late, I didn't see the Oscars but I can't wait to watch Moonlight. My favorite was Janelle Monae, I just adore everything she does.