Thursday, February 9, 2017

Now is the winter of our discontent

Let me count the ways... (I know, I'm mixing my Shakespearean metaphors here...)
  • Aunt Flo is here. Again. :p  (Day 30, more or less right on schedule. At age 56!!!)
  • We had freezing rain on Tuesday (I'd rather have a blizzard, quite frankly :p ). Today there is actually some sun, but it is cold (-13C, -20C windchill when I got up this morning). And it looks like we may be getting more snow tomorrow.
  • I love our condo, and I love how our floor to ceiling windows let in so much natural light -- but damn, the floors near them get pretty cold...!  :p  (Laminate  in the main areas, ceramic tile in the kitchen, entryway and bathrooms.)  (Granted, even the carpeted floors near the windows in our old house could get pretty cold too sometimes...)
  • The leak in the sprinkler system in our front hall closet has been fixed for almost two weeks, but there's still a hole in the ceiling to be patched (and thus, all the stuff we removed from the closet remains on the floor of my spare bedroom/office). :p  Dh messaged the property manager earlier this week and asked him to arrange to have it fixed. He said he would, but so far, the hole remains.  
  • I am going stir crazy. :p
  • While I was happy to see my girlfriend on Monday night (and get out of the house, lol), I was sad to learn she is moving. Not right away, but eventually, probably within the year. Back to our mutual home province, where she still has lots of friends & family. She was widowed a few years ago, and her stepchildren don't have much to do with her (she has no children of her own), and the cost of living is lower there. We only saw each other a few times a year, since we live in different parts of this vast metropolitan area (albeit I've moved closer to her now), but I knew she was always game to meet me for lunch, an outing to a craft show or sometimes a matinee at the theatre. And she is one of the few people hereabouts who knew me from "back home." I will miss her. :(
  • Matching the gloominess of the weather, the political news from the U.S. is enormously depressing. Although sometimes you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.  I saw an article yesterday speculating that Sarah Palin may be a candidate for ambassador to Canada!!! (Geez, America, what did we ever do to you to deserve THAT??!!) 
  • On a somewhat related note, I noticed earlier this week that someone had quietly unfriended me on Facebook.  I have been unfriended a couple of times before, but either the relationship was not that important to me or the circumstances were such that it didn't really bother me. Without getting too specific -- this time it does. :(  I don't know for sure why I was unfriended, but I am pretty certain it's related to our opposing political views. I haven't posted a lot directly that's politically inclined, but I have posted some items on specific issues that are important to me, related to freedom of the press, "fake news" and how to spot it, and the Women's March. I've also "liked" a lot of news articles from the New York Times and other such sources that may have turned up on people's news feeds. I only wish this person had simply "unfollowed" me -- they wouldn't have had to put up with any posts from me that they found offensive or contradictory to their views, and I never would have been the wiser. Dh has encouraged me to just send this person another friend request and see what happens. I may or may not. I'm not in a hurry -- I think a bit of a cooling off period will do both of us good -- I don't want any big confrontations. 
  • It's the Family Day long weekend here in Ontario. :p I know it's a long weekend (in February), but bah humbug. :p 
Thanks for reading/listening to me whine!


  1. Sorry things have been so melancholy for you lately. :( As far as the unfriending goes, I feel the current political climate (at least in the US) is farked, to be blunt. Anyone who still supports our P(ee)OTUS, I don't need them in my life. This includes family as well as friends.

    And I'm sorry about Sarah Palin. That's just horrible. How could this government do that to you?

  2. I totally agree about a blizzard v. freezing rain. We got a dumping of snow yesterday and it started out as rain. I don't like it when I see little icicles hanging from the power lines!

    Sad about your friend moving! Also, on behalf of all sane Americans who did not vote for the current dumpster fire occupying the White House, I sincerely apologize for Sarah Palin and any attempts she makes to muck up your wonderful country.

    I'm on day 43 (and counting) over here so I'm a little jealous of you. Though at 56, it's time for it to be done and over with, so you get preference when complaining. :)

    I'm sorry about the unfriending. I've been unfriended by a person who is on the far opposite end of the political spectrum too, and like you, I don't post a lot of overtly political things. Though I have recently found that Facebook allows you to report something that someone shared as fake news, so I might start following some of those that I unfollowed solely for this reason.

  3. I goofed... Family Day is actually NEXT weekend (same as Presidents Day in the States). :p Yep, on top of everything else, I am also losing my mind, lol...

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about your monthly visitor... my latest stretched out to a 49 day cycle... I’m only a few years behind you and more than ready to see the end of it.

    I’d love some of your weather, just to cool us all down over here... I never thought I’d be happy to get days in the low 30s(C) and be thankful for them (since I hate the heat) but the last few weeks of 40C+ temps has me seeing the error of my ways.

    Sad to hear about your friend moving back home. I’ve got two old schoolfriends that I really ‘click’ with. One lives a 5 hour drive away and the other a 5 hour flight away across the country..... Our meetings are few and far between but really full on when we do catch up. It still doesn’t make up for all the times we can’t be together though. :(

    I’ve cut back significantly reading the newsfeeds. It’s just too disappointing and frustrating....
    It’s been an eye opener to hear relatives and friends here have their say on what’s been happening with the political climate in the USA... the discussions seem to become quite heated very quickly.
    I’m sure if I was on Facebook, I’d be in the same boat, unfollowing some and being unfollowed myself.

  5. Ugh, Aunt Flo! Go away already and leave you in peace! That stinks. I'm sorry that your friend is moving away, and that you were unfriended. So petty, unfriending seems to me. "I deem you... UnFriend!" We were unfriended and blocked last week (which made me laugh a bit, because it's a nonmagical "Obliviate!" spell basically), but it was related to that falling out nonsense so while I was a bit surprised it didn't hit me the way your unfriending, without explanation, did. That's the worst, when you don't know why. I hope you enjoy the long weekend even though it's snowy and cold and Family Days (not familiar with that holiday but it sounds like it could be a tough one). And Sarah Palin...oy. I'm sorry. Please know that so many people are not behind all this ridiculousness, not at all.