Monday, February 13, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Things I am happy about today

Okay, I will admit I've been wallowing in my annual "I hate February" mode lately, perhaps a little too much. ;)  Time for some positivity!  Taking my cue from Mali, here are some things that are making me happy today: 

*  Aunt Flo is taking her leave after her latest visit (and good riddance, lol). (I suppose it's too much to hope that it might be for the last time??)
*  Watching America go gaga over our prime minister as he visited Washington today ;)  (and, more importantly, watching him more than hold his own in his public appearances with The Donald).
*  It's after 6 p.m. as I type this... and the sun is JUST starting to set -- i.e., it's staying lighter longer again. Progress! 
* There's even a bit of a sunset visible tonight :)  -- something we haven't really seen in a while.
*  We even saw some sun today, after snow all day yesterday.
*  (While I'm getting pretty tired of the snow, it WAS kind of pretty, watching it coming down yesterday.) (AND -- we don't have to shovel it!!)
* Living close enough to BIL & family that he can call us to come over for coffee (as he did last night after supper) -- and we can hop in the car and be there 15 minutes later. 
*  Being able to stop by to visit with SIL regularly as she recovers from surgery, and bring her the occasional treat from Starbucks or soup for lunch.
*  Chatting with an old friend on the phone today.
*  Looking forward to a trip to the mall tomorrow.
* Tomorrow is also Valentine's Day :) 

What's making you happy today?

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  1. That's a great list! I especially liked being called to come over for coffee. We once lived very close (we could see their house from ours) to my BIL and SIL, and I loved being able to pop in so easily.

    Glad you got some sun. I know the feeling!

  2. I love your list! I was in Toronto Saturday to Sunday for a whirlwind trip and the snow was SO pretty Sunday morning. Like downy feathers floating down. I am also grateful for the increasing daylight...the darkness of midwinter is definitely a downer. I feel like the snow helps -- it adds a brightness even when it's dark -- but I miss light evenings, being able to walk outside in the light after dinner. Soon, soon! I hope Aunt Flo takes a hint and disappears. Grr. Such a great list of happiness, thank you!

  3. I don't mind February, it's January I can't stand. It's amazing when February starts how many more minutes of daylight there are every evening. the weather's been filthy here in Ireland but luckily I've been in an OK mood. As I speak it's grey and horrible but it would have been dark now a month ago.. It's deffo a positive that you live close to your BIL & family and can drop by.. I miss having that.
    All in all today is OK though, and it's St.V's as well.

  4. I hate February too! Let's see, I'm happy that I'm nearly finished work for the day and going to spend a nice Valentine's evening with hubby.

  5. Great list! I'm also loving that it's staying light a little bit later (though we've had so little sun lately that it hardly matters) too! Makes me think that we just might make it through winter after all.

    Can we clone your PM? Pretty please?

  6. I had to write my best friend last night (who lives in Canada) and tell her that we want to keep your PM.

    Making me happy -- I had breakfast this morning with a group of random women. I don't know any of them well, but we get together to talk about animals. Everyone is a different age -- from 20s to their 80s. It makes my week.