Monday, April 17, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Easter weekend

Outside of Christmas (which we have always travelled to spend with my family), holidays & I have had a bit of a rocky relationship over the years. That Mother's & Father's Days are difficult for us goes without saying -- but the two other big "family" holidays, Thanksgiving & Easter, have also been tough for us to deal with  -- due in part to our lack of children, in part to the distance from my own family, and in part to dh's family situation, which sometimes means we are left at loose ends (MIL died before I ever met her; FIL remarried & has a stepfamily to deal with;  BIL has his own inlaws to accommodate...). 

This was, thankfully, not one of those holiday weekends. For a while, it was looking like it might be -- even though we now live closer to BIL, he doesn't always have room to include us if SIL's family all show up too. The agenda & details were up in the air until almost the very last minute, which put me on edge. Hello, anxiety, my old friend...

But once things got rolling, I found myself enjoying it. On Good Friday, BIL was busy helping out with a church event, but dh, SIL & I made the trek to see FIL and had a nice visit with him, stepMIL & her family.  Saturday, we went with BIL & SIL to visit one of dh & BIL's cousins & his family. I hadn't laughed that much in a long time. :)  Yesterday/Easter Sunday, we had lunch at BIL's house.  (Not all of SIL's family could come, so there was room for us after all. ;)  ) We stuffed ourselves with a great meal, played with the puppy (who got most of the attention, lol), visited with the nephews & their partners. It's almost exactly one year until Younger Nephew gets married, and wedding plans are already in full swing. The bride-to-be has already chosen her dress and shared a photo with SIL, me & Oldest Nephew's wife.  It was so nice to feel included. :) 

And this weekend will mark one year since we moved into our condo.

It was a good holiday weekend after all. :) 

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  1. I'm so glad it was a good holiday weekend and you were included! That sounds lovely. I always forget what a family holiday Easter is (although it seems like they are all getting that way on social media--I was flabbergasted when Valentine's Day was all family portraits of babies dressed in hearts and stuff...). I'm glad you had a good one.

  2. That sounds like a very good holiday. I'm glad it came together.

  3. Happy condoversary! (heh heh, I don't know if I like the new word, but had to do it!)

    We don't really think of Easter as a family holiday here in NZ - or I don't, anyway. DH and I spent the weekend alone, though we bumped into the neighbours outside for a brief chat, and didn't think about it at all. Glad you had such a nice, busy weekend though.

  4. Easter can be a very intense, indigestible, house-arrest situation, sometimes more so than Xmas, and I never really look forward to visits on this holiday. It's always great when it goes well and is mellow & relaxing.

  5. Sounds like it was a lovely holiday. And I'm glad you were able to spend time with family.

    It's the one part that gets me, this feeling excluded. I know people never mean to do so, but it does tend to happen far too often and it can be very isolating. I don't have any suggestions for overcoming it as I've been on the receiving end more times than I care for. Still, it's hard.

    And a very happy first anniversary in your new home!