Saturday, April 1, 2017

Right now...

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current"): 

Reading:  I'm between books right now, and trying to figure out what I want to read next. I was hoping to read "The Zookeeper's Wife" by Diane Ackerman before seeing the movie that just came out, but that might not happen, since we haven't been to a movie in eons and it's the only one playing at the local multiplex that we're really interested in seeing. ;)   "Mr. Churchill's Secretary" by Susan Elia MacNeil continues to languish on my coffee table, partially read. I was considering "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer, but I feel like I've had more than enough of U.S. politics lately...!

Among the most recent additions to my library (also still to be read, of course...!):  I picked up "A Fiery Heart" by Claire Harman, a recent & well reviewed biography of Charlotte Bronte, after watching "To Walk Invisible" last week. After seeing the author of the book (Mark Harris) and producer of the documentary series now on Netflix, I ran out & bought "Five Came Back." I also picked up "Northern Light" by Roy McGregor (about Canadian artist Tom Thomson, his mysterious death, and the woman who loved him).

Watching:  World figure skating championships, all weekend long, on CBC TV. :)   (The one sport I follow and will watch on television!!)  I was THRILLED to see not just one but TWO Canadian women on the podium!! -- Kaetlyn Osmond (silver medal) & Gabrielle Daleman (bronze). Canadian women have struggled on the international stage for almost as long as I have watched figure skating (which is to say, most of my life...!).  The last Canadian woman to win a medal at worlds was Joannie Rochette in 2009 (silver);  she was also the last Canadian woman to win an Olympic figure skating medal (bronze, 2010). Before her, Elizabeth Manley won silver at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and silver at the world championships that followed. The last Canadian woman to win a world figure skating title was my original skating heroine, Karen Magnussen, back in 1973.  No Canadian woman has won Olympic gold since Barbara Ann Scott in 1948.

Following: The medieval world of Donaeld the Unready on Twitter, with a supporting cast of Twitterers that includes Aethelflaed, The Jorvik Times, The Breitbart Chronicles, Wulfgar the Bard, the Mercian Resistance, Sean Halfwity, Falwell the Younger, Njall Fromage... check it out!

Eating:  Lots of easy-to-chew stuff, including lots of soup, in deference to my poor choppers, which have taken quite a beating lately...! :(   (See "Recuperating," below.)

Wearing:  I live in yoga pants these days (and when I'm not in yoga pants/when we go out, jeans). Found a couple of comfy sweatshirts on sale at the Gap to keep me warm during these last days (we hope...!) of winter-ish weather. 

Recuperating:  From having a temporary crown put on the tooth I had the root canal on a few weeks ago. Permanent will go on in about two weeks. Then we'll repeat the process on ANOTHER tooth that I broke back in February...! Did I mention that Aunt Flo decided to tag along to the dentist's office with me? No wonder I'm feeling so drained. :p 

Wondering: How much longer winter will go on. :p  We had some snow flurries on Thursday afternoon. They didn't stay, thank goodness. It hasn't been the worst winter in terms of snow or cold, and we haven't had to shovel or clear off the car before we go anywhere, thank goodness, but I am thoroughly sick of it and more than ready for milder weather!

Looking forward: To warmer weather, and to getting a new walking routine established. We've both been way too sedentary over the winter!

Enjoying: Oldest Nephew's puppy (the miniature dachshund they got before their wedding last fall). :)  Dh and his brother never had pets growing up, but it's hilarious how all of us adore & dote on this little guy.  Endless entertainment. :) 

Planning: Our social calendar for the next few weeks, which will include dh's birthday (his 60th!!), Easter and stepMIL's grandson's first communion. All occasions fraught with reminders of the not-so-little girl who should be here with us but isn't. :( 


  1. Ooh, good stuff here. I have to bookmark that "To Walk Invisible" special, you keep mentioning it and I need to watch it! I used to watch figure skating all the time, but without cable it's hard to do it now. Always interesting though. Dorothy Hamill, Kristy Yamaguchi, and Nancy Kerrigan were my faves.

    Books... I have some recommendations, some really good ones from the past year. Also, thank you for recommending The Rules Do Not Apply. Wow, was that ever good. The first ones are young adult, but completely absorbing and incredible -- The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Boys, Dream Thieves, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and the fourth I haven't read yet but I believe it is The Raven King). SO GOOD. On the weird but intriguing side, The First Book of Calamity Leek by Paula Lichtarowicz is fascinating. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple is amazing too. For something completely different, The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kolman is a mashup of art and text, memoir and observation, and just a beautiful experience to immerse yourself into. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley was really good, too (but plane crash, although private plane, but if that freaks you out maybe not, but interesting unraveling of what really happened). A lot of these have some level of grief hiding within, but beautifully done and I do not think fertility related grief. I tend to avoid that unless truly looking for it.

    On that note, glad you're surviving the hopefully end of winter weather, the root canal/crown, and the upcoming milestones. Thinking of you as milestones bring those memories of who should be there, but is not. Love to you!

  2. Hello friend! Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I've missed the blogging world, and my friends here. Sorry to hear about your root canal, and the wicked AF. :( Hope you feel better on both counts soon.

    I also really want to read (and see) The Zookeeper's Wife. I love Jessica Chastain, and the story sounds amazing.

    We've had a super wet spring already down here in the Midwest, and I'm over it! My seasonal depression is ready for spring! And summer! And sunshine! :)

    Hugs to you my friend as you celebrate the upcoming events, bittersweet they are.

  3. Apart from teeth/AF (it never rains but it pours), this is a really positive, forward-looking list. Lovely!