Monday, August 21, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: A few annoying things

(An occasional series, inspired by Mali!)
  • One rainy day after another, over the summer generally, and recently. :p  Enough, already!! 
  • Standing in a long lineup for one of the two cashiers open at the local mega-bookstore, while the rest of the staff stood nearby, oohing & ahhhing over the adorable baby that a former coworker had brought in for them all to admire... and then, when I finally reached the front of the line, the mom brought the baby over to the open cashier for HER to admire -- thus making me wait even longer to pay for my book & leave. :p  (I will admit I smiled at the baby, because he WAS cute, but it was still annoying...!)
  • Back to school photos on social media -- ALREADY!! They began coming from my friends & family members in the States directly after the August long weekend (and Katie's birthday) this year -- way, WAY too early, IMHO...!!  And I expect they will continue through mid-September. Most schools here don't start until after the September Labour Day long weekend. 
  • The glass walls/door of the shower cubicle in our ensuite bathroom. Looks fabulous, but a b*tch to clean...!  :p  (Which is why I procrastinate endlessly over doing it, lol.)
  • Rabidly pro-Trump posts on my social media feeds from some of my American relatives. :p 
  • The fact that summer is almost over, when I feel like it's just barely started...   :( 
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  1. I'm guilty of the back to school photos--kid-August is pretty standard start date around here.

    I can't believe Trump still has supporters.

    1. And they were adorable, too! ;) It's just hard to take the steady drip-drip-drip over an entire month -- although I'm not sure getting them all over a single day or two would be any easier??

  2. That's a good list. I can relate to them all.

    I must do another of those again soon. Lots of material garnered this last week or two!

  3. Argh, those are all super annoying! Do you have a squeegee thing for your glass doors in the shower? I had a friend who kept one in there so she could squeegee after every shower and it made her feel less like sticking a fork in her eye. :) Yes, to summer being over. I am in hard denial, but have to get my classroom up and running. And yes to back to school...the midwest definitely goes back early (they end early too) and the South...we don't go back for another two weeks. I was surprised that I was a bit saddened by all the kids-enjoying-the-eclipse pictures today -- back to school I get, but that seemed a bit weird to feel sting-y about! And UGH to the pro-Trump posts. I just don't get it. Especially, ESPECIALLY lately.

    1. I do have a shower squeegie that we use after each shower, and it does help, some. But it still needs a thorough cleaning now & then! (tiles too!)

  4. School is in session here too, been two weeks already. The wait is terrible, but you can't leave until you pay, at least the baby was cute. :) I liked this idea of dong a list of annoying things. :)