Thursday, January 18, 2018

Different realities

Dh & I were at a local mall yesterday, and there were signs in the parking garage, reminding drivers to lock their cars, check the back seat, etc. 

"They have to remind you not to forget your kid in the back seat??" dh remarked.  

"Well, it could be that,"  I acknowledged (we've all heard the tragic stories of babies & toddlers accidentally left strapped in car seats in cars on hot summer days...), but then I added, "but it could also be a reminder to, you know, check when you return to make sure nobody is hiding out there, waiting for you." 

HE HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS. Like, it had never occurred to him. EVER.   

I said, "Seriously??!" 

I think every woman old enough to drive has had this drummed into her head ad nauseum, don't you?  

It just drove home to me (certainly not for the first time) how men and women live in completely different realities sometimes...  

(I don't suppose he's ever walked through a dark street with his keys interlaced between his fingers either...?)  

Have you ever had any moments like this, when you realized what different realities men & women sometimes inhabit? 


  1. Oh yes. All the time!!!

    In fact, I'm going to have to ask my DH about looking in the back seat now.

  2. Every single Monday night, as I walk through a parking garage smack in the middle of the city after dark. Obviously my first preference is to walk with someone I know, but when this isn't possible, I try to talk on the phone. It wouldn't stop an assault, but maybe it would make them think twice. Or worst case at least someone will know I've been assaulted and can call the police. The worst days are when I don't have anyone to walk with or anyone to talk to. I can't breathe easily until I'm sitting in my car with the doors locked.

    Over a year ago when we were looking at gyms, I nixed one that hubs really liked based solely on the number of lights in the parking lot. It literally had never occurred to him that a dimly lit parking lot might seem sketchy, because when he saw a dimly lit parking he only saw a dimly lit parking lot, not the 17 places that someone could hide in the shadows before jumping you.

  3. Wow, it's crazy to me and also completely unsurprising. I always check the backseat for that reason. And under and around the car. And in the elevator. And behind me when I'm walking in a parking lot. I look like a paranoid wacko most of the time because unfortunately that's what I feel I have to be to you know, not get assaulted. And even then it could happen anyway. I feel like this is a moment straight from that SNL song with Saoirse Ronan, where they talk about ponytails, and all the men at work were like, "What's up with ponytails? Why can't you have a ponytail?" It makes me sad that it's such a different reality. That Bryce had no idea why I have to have my car keys in my hand before we even leave a store or place and we're walking to the car. Sigh.