Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Small pleasures

  • Having our condo windows washed for the first time since we moved here, more than two years ago!! They've been putting it off (again & again & again...) because of all the construction work going on around us, constantly kicking up dust & dirt, but happily, the townhouse developer agreed to pay for it. (They didn't do the balcony doors, since the balconies get in the way of moving their platform up & down -- we'll need to do that ourselves. But it all helps...!) 
  • The stunning sunsets we can see almost every night from our condo balcony/living room. (For whatever reason, they are more visible and more beautiful in the summer.)  Dh thinks I'm boring people because I'm constantly taking photos of them & posting them on my social media feeds, but I don't care. ;)  (See below!) 
  • Being able to open the balcony doors again & let the fresh air in, after a couple of days of stifling hot, humid weather. 
  • Indulging in cheap summer T-shirts (even cheaper on sale!) from Old Navy. 
  • Seeing Oldest Nephew post a photo on Instagram of his new vinyl purchases (and what purchases -- Seals & Croft!  Santana!!  Marvin Gaye!!!), sitting on top of the stereo I gave to him. The stereo is 36 years old, and he had to buy new speakers for it (much smaller than the gargantuan boxes that came with it, lol), but I am so happy he is using & loving it. 
  • Extremely cheap but still extremely delicious leftover Easter chocolate, heavily discounted at the Lindt outlet store. :)  
  • The first local strawberries of the season. :) 
  • An empty laundry basket (for now, anyway...!), after doing load after load of laundry. 
Last night's sunset, from my (newly washed!) bedroom window. 


  1. Oh wow, that is definitely a picture-worthy sunset! Beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous -- I love sunset pictures! I'd far rather see that than a lot of other stuff people post, ha. And mmmmm, local strawberries... I love berry season. Such a taste of summer. And you reminded me, I need to wash my windows from the Pollen Disaster of Spring '18. Huzzah for open balcony doors. I have been LOVING this cooler weather. Honestly, the heat can never come as far as I'm concerned...unless we get a couple of 85 degree days that are sunny and calm so I can go paddleboarding and not freeze. :)