Monday, June 18, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Father's Day weekend odds & ends

  • Yesterday was Father's Day, and as usual, I told dh the day's agenda was his to determine. We decided to go see "The Incredibles 2" (we both enjoyed the original movie enormously) -- even though it was opening weekend, which we normally try to avoid. But although we arrived in plenty of time, the local multiplex was swarming with parents & kids, and when I went to purchase tickets, I learned that (even though we just wanted to see the plain vanilla version -- no 3D, no AVX, no IMAX, no D-Box, etc.) there was assigned seating -- and all that was left was the very front row. :p  We said thanks but no thanks, bought some popcorn to munch on en route home, and left. Will try again in another week or two, when the crowds have (hopefully) thinned out... 
    • We went home, and dh promptly fell asleep on the couch. When he woke up, he proclaimed he'd had a great day. (?!!) Whatever makes him happy, I guess...!  ;)     
    • We went to visit FIL on Saturday with BIL, SIL, the nephews & their wives (boy, it feels weird typing that...!).  He was not as good as he was when we saw him last week. Still recognizes dh & BIL, recognized SIL (asked her how her own aging father was), but I'm not sure he knew me, and he didn't seem to recognize his grandsons, let alone the girls. :(  
  • SIL found out late last week that she will be losing her job as of Sept. 1st. I won't go into all the details, since her story is not really mine to share -- but she is 53 & has been with her company 28 years;  I lost my job when *I* was 53 & just one month shy of 28 years of service. Eerie, huh?  :(  
    • The nephews were highly indignant on their mom's behalf. Oldest Nephew said his mom should forget about finding another job and just retire. SIL told him bluntly she couldn't afford to just yet. I suppose Oldest Nephew was thinking of dh & me, retiring after losing our jobs in our mid-50s. But of course, unlike his parents, we didn't raise two children and just finish paying for (part of) two big weddings...!  
  • After a couple of months of prolific blogging (15 posts in March, 17 in April, 18 in May...), I seem to be in a bit of a slump again. But that's OK. I've been blogging long enough to know the muse comes and goes. 
  • One of these days, I will write a #MM post that's not made up of bullet points, lol. (But today isn't it...!)  
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  1. Sorry you didn’t get to see the movie...that’s such a bummer. I can’t stand going to a packed theater, and definitely wouldn’t have sat in the front row, either. Taking a nice long nap sounds like a great day to me, too, though!
    And how eerie about the parallels between SIL and strange!

  2. Wow, you and DH are suckers for punishment. Incredibles II on Father's Day at a Mall. A recipe for disaster! lol

    And an afternoon nap makes any day a good day! I like your DH's style. ;-)

    I'm sorry for SIL. Looking for jobs in our 50s is not fun! I'm glad it has worked out so well for you and DH though.

    And I love your bullet point posts. (And I did one - on A Separate Life - this week too!)

    1. We both want to see it, and it was his pick -- I did try to caution him it might be crowded this weekend, but for some reason, he never thinks it's going to be THAT BAD, lol...! (They never listen, do they?? lol) ;)

    2. You have to love his optimism!

  3. I've yet to see Incredibles, which shows how far behind on movies I am, lol.

    I agree, it's his day to do with what he wants, but I must admit, when you mentioned seeing a "kids" movie on Father's Day, I was like "uh oh."

  4. Wow, brave to try to go opening weekend. I wanted to go see Incredibles 2, but to go that weekend was not something we were going to do! I love that you bought popcorn for the road. I'm sorry for your SIL's news, that's frustrating when you've put so much time into a company and it's not appreciated. Interesting about the difference between your situations, one of those moments where not having kids is an advantage. Thinking of you and your family through your FIL's illness. That has to be so, so hard.