Friday, June 29, 2018


*  Thank Goodness for Sisters-in-Law!! 

BIL called yesterday. I guess SIL told him flatly that SHE didn't want to go on Saturday either.  Like me, she thought that getting up at the crack of dawn & driving more than an hour just to sit outside for hours on end in 46C humidex weather -- forecasters are calling it "the most significant heat event in years" -- is the definition of insanity. 

So we're not going after all!!  -- we'll go to visit FIL (as usual) instead. (What a relief!!)  

She's getting a big hug when I see her tomorrow -- I owe her!! ;)   

*** *** ***

On the subject of hot weather -- would you believe our condo building's air conditioning unit conked out, sometime between Wednesday evening & Thursday morning??  (The cooling/heating unit is centrally located;  each unit can control its own temperature (to a point...) & has an individual fan coil unit & air filter.)  I kind of THOUGHT it was feeling a little "close" on Thursday morning, even looked at the thermostat, but it was 74F, which is what it should be, so I didn't think much of it -- until, as we were heading out to the mall for a few hours, we ran into a neighbour in the elevator, who informed us the a/c for the whole building was out. Not exactly what you want to hear, heading into a weekend where the temperatures are going to be as hot as (if not hotter than) Baghdad!!  

When we got back home a few hours later, there were signs up by the elevators saying the a/c was out, service technicians had been called but they didn't know when things would be running again (great). The temp in our unit had gone up to 76F, and increased to 79F before we went to bed. The fan was running, circulating air. It wasn't hot air, but it wasn't cold air either.  And there are only three vents for the entire 874-square-foot unit, one in each main room/space. 

The good news: the indoor temp dropped two degrees to 77F overnight, and the a/c kicked back in around 9:30 this morning. The bad news? It's already so hot out there (38C humidex today) that even though the a/c is spitting out cold air once again, the temp merely held at 77F for most of the day -- and then actually went UP a degree to 78F in the late afternoon. It's still 78F!! although the humidity has dropped, from 63% this morning to 56% right now. Here's hoping it will drop a few more degrees overnight, because tomorrow is going to be a scorcher... 


  1. That sucks! The worst thing about heat is having to sleep in it. I can't adjust. I'm also shocked you're using Fahrenheit. I can tolerate that (just) on US blogs, because they don't know any better. But Canadian? lol

    And yay, SIL. She deserves that big hug.

    1. Not that shocking... I was 12 years old when the metric system was adopted here. I still find myself converting Celsius to Fahrenheit & miles to kilometres in my head from time to time, and I know I am not alone! Anyone much younger than me grew up immersed in metric, but anyone older like me thinks & uses both systems. Both systems still get used to some extent (even younger people will tell you their height in feet & inches and their weight in pounds, and we cook using Fahrenheit temps in the oven & teaspoons & cups, etc., in baking), although metric is the officially sanctioned system. Most thermostats have both C & F settings -- for whatever reason, we've always had our thermostat set at F even if we think of the temps outside in terms of C. Don't forget we live next door to the U.S. and regularly hear Fahrenheit used on their TV newscasts, etc.!

      I hate sleeping in hot weather too. :p Although it wasn't too terribly bad at 77-78F, and the furnace fan was running.

    2. A couple of relevant articles, fyi: ;)

      (I forgot that the system was implemented gradually... so I was a teenager/young adult when changes were still being implemented... and yes, there was a lot of resistance!)

    3. The researcher in you is showing! lol Thanks. I remember changing here too, so I was in high school I think. You've given me an idea for my MM post on A Separate Life! Thanks a second time!