Monday, November 19, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

  • Last Wednesday (Nov. 14th) was my original due date, 20 years ago (i.e., Katie's might-have-been birthday).  We didn't do anything to mark the occasion -- August 5th-7th is usually the focus of our remembrances.  But of course I thought about her. And marvelled once again: 20 YEARS. 20. YEARS.
  • In 20 MORE years, I will be... (gulp)... 78 years old. (fingers in ears: lalalalala....)  
  • Anyone see the new Walmart Canada Christmas commercial, with the adorable teddy bear, set to "Bring it on Home to Me"??  I cried the first time I saw it. So cute. I imagine by the time Christmas actually gets here, I will be thoroughly sick of it, but for now... 
  • Then there's the Elton John Christmas commercial from England, which doesn't seem very Christmas-y in the beginning ("Your Song," anyone?? -- actually, my favourite Elton song!), but just watch... Also had me in tears. 
  • I actually made use of my neglected Netflix subscription on Saturday night to watch "The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society," the movie version of the novel I recently re-read & reviewed here. They changed a few things around to simplify the plot and up the drama.  Amelia is a much more negative character in the movie than she is in the book. Mark Reynolds was an American army/intelligence officer, not a rival publisher, with a much bigger role in the movie than he played in the book, and Juliet actually accepts his proposal in the movie, after rejecting him in the book. I loved Matthew Goode as Sidney.  And Dawsey was much more handsome than I had envisioned him -- not that I minded, lol. The book was (obviously) better, but it was an enjoyable way to spend two hours. 
  • We spent Sunday afternoon at the movies watching "Bohemian Rhapsody," the story of Freddie Mercury & Queen.  The reviews have been mixed, and yes, the script is pretty basic -- but the casting is stellar (Rami Malek as Freddie is amazing, and all the guys playing the band members are dead ringers for the real ones) and of course, there's that glorious music. :)  It ends with an almost complete recreation of the band's set at Live Aid in 1985, which gave me goosebumps. (Live Aid took place exactly a week after our wedding, while we were in Calgary, wrapping up our week-long honeymoon in Banff & Jasper before flying to Toronto to start married life.  I don't remember seeing Queen, but we did watch parts of the show, including the opening and closing, from our hotel room.) 
  • Sunday was also the Santa Claus Parade here in Toronto -- the original, and still the best!  ;)   I know for some people, Nov. 1st marks the beginning of the Christmas season... for some, it starts after Remembrance Day, for others, after U.S. Thanksgiving, and for others, Advent.  This does it for me. ;)  I won't put the tree up until around Advent, but I'm currently diffusing Saje's Peppermint Twist blend. It's a start. ;)  
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  1. 20 years. That’s hard to wrap one’s brain around as I know Katie is always with you. Sending you love with this passed due date.

    And lots is going on in your world! May December usher in a happier season.

  2. Twenty years is a lot... But I also try not to think about twenty years from now and freak out TOO much, because I think on all that happened between twenty years ago and now. I feel like that was rambly. I forget that after Thanksgiving for you is early November! Your Christmas season is so much longer... I am banned from Christmas music or decorating until midnight Thanksgiving (really the day after Thanksgiving, but midnight counts). It's early this year here, so I feel like I get an extra week! The Bohemian Rhapsody movie looks good, glad you enjoyed it! Thinking of you through each of these hard anniversaries.

  3. Hugs for the unwanted 20 year anniversary. Of course you thought about her.

    And yes, the thought of twenty years from now is too too scary.

    I think you've convinced me to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. We often listen to Queen when we are driving - it's good singing-in-the-car music. The reviews had almost put me off, so thank you!

    I won't do anything Christmassy - except for shopping - until December. Though we're going away early this year, and I may not even put my tree up! (No, I got the shivers even thinking that heretical thought. lol)

    1. I think as someone who remembers that era (as I do) ;) you'll probably get a kick out of it -- especially for the music & the costumes (and the 70s hair!! lol) Just ignore the clunky structure.

      I was reading about how they recreated the Live Aid scenes... you would think they used some original footage in there, but nope, all the magic of CGI...! Pretty cool. :)