Thursday, November 1, 2018

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current")

Reading:  Currently (still!) reading: Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger by Soraya Chelmaly. Year-to-date, I've finished 21 books (out of my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge goal of 24 books (88%), and 2 ahead of "schedule," so far!).  

Recent purchases: 
Watching:  No movies recently, but we've been enjoying CBS's Thursday night lineup:  "The Big Bang Theory," "Young Sheldon," "Mom" and "Murphy Brown."   

We also enjoyed watching "The Great American Read" on PBS over the past several weeks. ("To Kill a Mockingbird" was named America's most beloved book.)  

And I've been watching "The Woman in White" on PBS, which comes on directly after "Poldark." :)  I loved reading Victorian novels when I was at university (and took an entire course on Victorian literature), but I never have read any Wilkie Collins. 

Listening:  To the rain outside, on the windows & dripping off the balconies. Grey & gloomy outside. :(  

Drinking/Eating:  NOT eating the leftover Halloween candy (and missing it!). :(  We didn't bother to buy any this year, since we didn't get any trick-or-treaters at the condo over the past two Halloweens we've been here.  This year makes it three for three. :( 

Wearing/Buying:  A new pair of "skinny" jeans ("Hayden") from Lucky Brand -- one of my favourite stores, which just opened an outlet at the mall near us. (Oh dear, I think I'm in trouble...) The clerk insisted I try a pair of jeans on, along with the tops I was interested in... and they were on sale (buy one, get one half price).... ;)  I really didn't NEED a new pair of jeans (let alone two!)... and believe me, I never thought that *I* would be wearing "skinny" jeans -- the number on the scale would certainly indicate otherwise...!  But, here I am...!  They are definitely tighter/more form-fitting than the boot cuts I normally wear -- but they are slightly stretchy and thus comfortable. Also, I like that these are higher-waisted than most jeans today seem to be -- a bit less of a muffin-top effect...!   

(I realize I have -- & buy -- WAY too many clothes -- particularly as someone who spends most of her days hanging around the house/condo, wearing just yoga pants & T-shirts!  I do try to pare down the contents of my closet occasionally -- but then we go to the mall, and...)

Buying (besides books -- and clothes! -- lol):  Plane tickets west to spend Christmas with my family. I've also already bought my first Christmas gifts -- outfits (on sale) for the Little Princesses, from Gymboree. (They're the easy part of my Christmas shopping, lol.)   And took delivery of my Christmas card order from Snapfish. :) 

Knocking wood: Today is day 172 since Aunt Flo last showed up. In other words, almost six months, and almost halfway to declaring official menopause (and it's only, oh, just 2.5 months before my 58th!! birthday).  I've been having some PMS-like symptoms, however, and just the tiniest bit of spotting last week, so I am knocking wood & crossing all crossables that AF does not show up (whereupon I would have to start the countdown ALL OVER AGAIN...). 

Missing: Older Nephew's Puppy. :(  Haven't seen him since we got back from my parents... they've been sick, and busy (SIL started a new job on Oct.1). Hoping to see him (oh yeah, and the nephews, lol) soon! :) 

Anticipating/Dreading: Next week's U.S. midterm elections. I'm not American, but American politics affect us in Canada too, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world. I can't vote -- but those of you south of the border can. Get out there and make a difference!  

Wanting:  Some sunshine. It's been grey & gloomy the last few days -- November has definitely arrived!! :(  

Loving:  The fall colours, which are starting to go as the leaves fall, but still enough hanging in there to make things pretty. :) 

Feeling:  A bit bored since we returned from visiting my parents. A bit apprehensive, given my usual difficulties with November. A bit excited, thinking about Christmas. :)  (The one good thing about November...!) 

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  1. I love your Right Now posts.
    I've stalled at 15 books. Maybe now that things are about to get back to normal, I can read a couple more before Christmas.

    Well done on the skinny jeans. I'm definitely still a bootcut girl.

    You've reminded me I need to book ferry tickets for Christmas today too.

    Fingers crossed for the continued absence of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

    Yes to the comments about the US elections. Unfortunately the Trump supporter is going to be here until Thursday, so if they have a big win, I will have to put up with his gloating.

    I hope the rest of November (not your favourite month I know) goes smoothly for you.