Wednesday, October 31, 2018

This blog goes to 11 :)

While I have mixed feelings about Halloween (as a childless person now living in a condo), for the past 11 years, one bright light has always shone for me on this day.

Because it was 11 years ago, on Halloween night, that I published my very first post on this blog. :)

11 is not one of those "milestone" numbers divisible by 5 (as last year's 10th blogoversary was), but it's still pretty amazing, especially in terms of the ALI blogosphere, I think. :) Not everyone who was blogging back then is still around (although some wonderful friends still are -- including Lori, Pamela, and, of course, Mel, who encouraged me to start my own blog after I started leaving comments on hers.) I'm sure I never expected to still be here, 11 years after that first post -- but I still keep finding things to write about -- so here I am...!

You're still here too, reading & commenting, which also helps keep me going. Thank you all!  The road less travelled feels a lot less lonely when I know you are walking along the same (or similar/adjacent) with me.

Blogging stats, 11 years later:

Number of years blogging: 11

Published posts (including this one): 1,412

Average # of posts per year: 128

Average # of posts per month: 11
(So far in calendar year 2018, I've managed at least 10 posts per month, and as many as 18.)

Published comments: Blogger only seem to be showing 1000 comments these days?? But last year, I reported more than 8,800+ !

Page views (tracked since May 2010):  720,000+

Followers (on Blogger):  147

Past blogoversary posts here.

And now (because I simply could NOT resist...!!).... ;)


  1. Congratulations on 11 years! That's a lot of posting!

  2. Wow!!! 11 years is a big deal! Congratulations on this anniversary Loribeth!

  3. Dear Loribeth, congratulations on this anniversary! Thanks for blogging and sharing your thoughts with us!

  4. Happy blogoversary a day late :-). 11 is a great number. 11 is prime! And it's the same backwards and forwards. Yay 11!

  5. Woo hoo, 11 years. Congratulations! I'm so glad you are still writing. Even as the years go on, and we're distanced from that initial grief, the loss always stays with us. As one of the older bloggers, it means an enormous amount to me that you are still here too.