Monday, October 29, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Haunted

This will be our third (!) Halloween in our condo -- and it still feels weird to be so far removed from all the hoopla.  The Facebook & Instagram photos of my friends & relatives, decked out in Halloween finery for costume parties this past weekend, actually came as a bit of a jolt ("oh yeah, THAT's coming up...!"). The past two years, we bought some candy, just in case (there ARE children living in our building) -- but no trick-or-treaters showed up at our door, so we wound up eating it all ourselves (not entirely a bad thing, I know, right??  lol).

This year, we didn't even bother (now watch the hordes finally descend...!). The Halloween decorations I used to put up around our house remain untouched in our storage locker.  Wednesday night will be... just another Wednesday night around our place.

Among the costume party photos on social media:  photos of my dad, carving pumpkins with the Little Princesses -- just as he did with me & my sister when we were growing up. He looks forward to this every year & has everything planned and organized well in advance. I am not sure who has more fun (...OK, I know, it's Dad, lol).

I'll admit, I got teary. He would have been such an excellent grandpa. :(

(The Little Princesses regard him as a third grandpa, and call him Grandpa. But of course I'm thinking about MY kids. :(  )

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  1. This time of year can be so hard as it's very kid focused. My vote is participate as much or as little as you feel like it. A movie date or nice dinner would be perfect for a night like this. Also a small bag of candy and enjoying a relaxing evening.

    Hugs to you.

  2. Feeling for you with those tears. It sucks when there are those moments that remind you of roles unfulfilled. I love Halloween (it's our wedding anniversary) but it is bittersweet to see the kids (all 6 of them, lol) on our street grow up and grow out of trick or treating, to see new babies arrive in pumpkin outfits and know we'll always be the candy hand-er-out-ers and never taking our tinies trick or treating. Also it's weird, I saw a lot of costume party pictures to but somehow didn't get any costume party invites... Hmmm! 😜

  3. It is definitely a hard time of the year - the part about your father made me tear up, because you are so right, it is absolutely unfair and sad. Wishing you much peace through this tricky season.

  4. I got teary from reading this too. It bittersweet and I'm sorry for that.

    I'm with everyone above about you doing what you feel like doing this year. This includes a nice bottle of wine and splitting a bag of candy while enjoying the evening.

  5. Yes, this part of it is so tough, seeing or remembering those we love, and thinking what great dads, aunties, grandfathers, grandmothers, etc they would have been. Thank goodness Halloween isn't a thing here. More hugs.

    Though actually, because families were back for MIL's memorial, my husband last night took out fireworks to his childhood home, and he and his brothers and niece and nephews let off fireworks for Guy Fawkes. (The SILs and I were out drinking!) He said they had a lovely time. I'm glad they had a chance to do this, because DH would have loved doing it every year with our children. And that makes me sad too.