Monday, July 27, 2020

#MicroblogMondays: Auntie's Day

Yesterday was Auntie's Day, created by Melanie Notkin of Savvy Auntie in 2009 to acknowledge, honor and celebrate the aunts in a child's life -- including aunts by relation, aunts by choice, godmothers, and all women who love children not-their-own (with a special emphasis on women who don't have their own children to love). 

(I've seen a few references to it as Aunts & Uncles Day, and I suppose that's logical, but I know Melanie specifically created it as Auntie's Day.) 

It's nice to have a day to acknowledge and honour aunties. My own aunties, both genetic & through marriage, as well as honorary (e.g., I called several cousins of my mother's "Auntie"), have played important roles in my life over the years. However, as a holiday, I think Auntie's Day still has some way to go before it's recognized & celebrated at anywhere near the same level as Mother's & Father's Day. Outside of Savvy Auntie and a very few other sites for childless/free women, I did not see it mentioned anywhere yesterday -- not by any of my friends on social media, not even the childless/free ones. 

I debated whether to post anything myself -- I have, once or twice in past years -- but decided against it. Even if I framed it as wishing my own aunts (a few of whom are on Facebook) a happy Auntie's Day, I felt like it would seem like I was drawing attention to my own aunthood (and lack of my own children) --  asking for praise and recognition for myself -- and I didn't want my nephews to feel badly about it, that they should have gotten me a gift or something like that (even though I'm sure they don't even know such a day exists!). But then how else do we spread the word that this holiday exists, and that aunts deserve recognition too? 

Are you a proud auntie/great-auntie like me?  ;)  Did you remember it was Auntie's Day? Did anyone wish you a happy Auntie's Day? 

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  1. Oh, I need to honor my own beloved aunt with this! Albeit a few days late.

    This is the first I've heard of Auntie's Day, and I'm all for it. Aunts are SO important.