Monday, July 12, 2021

#MicroblogMondays: Small pleasures & annoying things

Small pleasures: 
  • (Actually a very BIG pleasure!:)  Haircuts!!! (after 17 weeks of increasing shagginess)!!! I said to my stylist, "I feel like ME again!"  
  • Bringing new summery silk flowers and other decorations to the cemetery for Katie's niche. (We hadn't been there since March, and her Easter decorations were still up.)  
  • Spending regular time with Little Great-Nephew (and SIL, his grandmother/caregiver).  We didn't get to spend this kind of time with our nephews when they were toddlers, so we are relishing it! 
  • Not sure about LGN, but I'm pretty sure that I'm the dog's favourite visitor, lol.  ;) 
  • Finishing my first book of the month last night (and it was a good one! -- reviewed here). 
  • Good windows... which helped to at least somewhat muffle the noise from outside, after Italy won the EuroCup soccer championship yesterday afternoon...!  
  • The glimmering feelings that we might be starting to gradually return to some semblance of post-covid normalcy... 
Annoying things: 
  • Honking car horns for FIVE HOURS+ last night after the Italian EuroCup victory...!  (The game ended before 6 p.m. here;  we could still hear horns honking when we went to bed at 11 p.m....!) 
  • Lots of dark, gloomy, rainy weather lately (even if it isn't quite as hot as it has been).  
  • It's been cooler, but it's still pretty humid. Inside our condo, the humidity has been 60-65% recently. Makes it hard to dry off completely after getting out of the shower! (Even worse with long, shaggy hair in my face...!) 
  • Not being included in several invitations that BIL & SIL have received to spend time with nearby cousins recently. I know we're not a package deal, and BIL is everyone's favourite cousin. He's much more social, and much better about staying in regular touch with his cousins, than dh is. I'm not sure we'd have gone even if we'd been invited... we're still a few days away from being considered fully vaccinated, and I'm not sure I'm ready to dive into visits outside the immediate family circle yet. But it's still kind of annoying. I don't *think* childlessness has anything to do with it (on a surface level, at least), but it's an unpleasant reminder of those "outsider/other" feelings of rejection and exclusion and being overlooked that I've been dealing with my entire life.  

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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry about the cousin-othering. It stinks to not be included, especially if there's feelings that it could be in part sure to childlessness. And the gloomy, humid weather is the pits! I'm grateful not to have to water, but man. Can't sit out on the deck because it's always wet! I heard that Italy won and through of you...

    Yayyyyyy haircuts! Yayyyyyy visits with LGN and dog! And lovely summer decorations for Katie. I'm glad you got to visit. 💜

  2. A haircut. Phew! I'm relieved for you. I just had mine trimmed, as I try to grow it. It's not in a good place yet, and I'm tempted to cut it all off again. I've been through four months of pain, though, so I'm hoping I can stick it out for another few months at least. It makes me feel so old though.

    Oh dear - five hours!!! I was in France years ago when Senegal got into the quarter-finals of the World Cup. You'd have thought they won, the noise of the cars honking everywhere. It sounds like the Italians in Toronto are of a similar mindset about supporting and celebrating their homelands. Yay for good windows! lol

    And double yay for time with LGN. And for getting back to Katie. It really must have felt a little like getting back to normal. Here's hoping for more normalcy soon.

    Ditto to Jess's comment about you guys being left out of some family gatherings. There's always that thought whether childlessness is part of it or not. Or even if it is subconscious. It sucks. I'm sorry.

    Ugh. Humidity. You can have it! lol We might get cool summers here, but they're rarely very humid.