Monday, January 10, 2022

#MicroblogMondays: Things I'm tired of

  • Covid. (Surprise!!) 
  • Feeling like I'm putting my life/health at risk every time we venture out the door. 
  • Worrying that every little cough, sniffle or tickle in my throat (or dh's) is a covid symptom. (Even though we've barely been out of our condo unit or seen anyone since we returned from Christmas holidays, and even though we're triple-vaxxed/boosted and conscientiously mask whenever we do go out -- even just to get the mail downstairs.) 
  • People who have dragged this pandemic out FAR longer than necessary (and made it far worse) by not getting vaccinated, not masking and/or not following other public health guidelines. 
  • Politicians who only do the right thing (or sort of the right thing) at the last possible moment. 
  • Politicians & politics generally. Very few these days seem to be truly interested in doing what's right and what will really help people (versus what they think is going to help them get (re)elected). 
  • Getting an email notification from a website where I've bought N95-equivalent respirator masks that the masks are back in stock -- only to get a message that they're already sold out when I click over to the site (or, worse, reach the checkout with some in my shopping cart!).  (This has happened more than once over the past week or two...!) 
  • Not seeing people outside of our immediate families, except over Zoom (and limiting the contact we have with our family members right now too, because of the omicron upsurge). 
  • Eating at home (if not because of covid, then because I have to be careful with my diet -- gallstones, gout, etc...!). 
    • Having to watch what I eat, generally. Worrying that every little twinge is another gallstone attack in the making. (And who wants to be anywhere near a hospital right now??)
  • Waking up in the middle of the night or early-early in the morning -- and then not being able to go back to sleep again. 
  • Housecleaning. (I enjoy a clean house, but not always the time & effort required to keep it that way...!)  
  • People (both in and out of the public eye) making scapegoats of the childless and childfree. 
  • Winter. (Is it over yet?) 
  • Grey skies and lack of sunshine (more days than not recently). 
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  1. Yes to aaaaaaallllll of this. Except housecleaning. I actually like housecleaning. But the rest of it.

    1. Sometimes I do... there's a certain satisfaction in getting things clean, isn't there? But right now, I'm not feeling it...!

  2. Oh my gosh yes. I feel like wintertime brings extra dust. And the feeling of "COVID's coming" hyper vigilance is so awful. I have a sore throat at the end of the day, but it's from talking all day in a KN95 mask and being dehydrated because I great taking my mask off to drink and eat but you gotta do those things! Sigh. Is it over yet? I hope the gallstones stay far away so you can stay away from hospitals. It just seems like those is neverending. I'm sorry you're frustrated but I'm with you. Blergh

  3. Sending hugs!!! I am not surprised you're tired of all of these things.

  4. Winter, Covid, and waking up in the middle of the night. Yup!