Monday, August 8, 2022

#MicroblogMondays: More odds & ends & updates

  • Thank you for remembering our little girl with us yesterday
    • It was a very quiet weekend. We ordered Chinese food for takeout dinner on Saturday night, and went through the drive-through at Dairy Queen on Sunday afternoon for Blizzards (sat in the car in the parking lot to eat them) -- both "traditions" on/around this date.  
    • We visited the cemetery a few days earlier with pink roses (also a tradition) -- we had appointments in the area and decided to do it then and not make a return trip on Sunday. 
    • I'm glad we did that, because we've been in a heat wave for the past few days, and yesterday was incredibly hot and humid (high of 32C, humidex 43C = about 90F/109F). Aside from the brief trip to DQ, we stayed in our air-conditioned condo. ;)  
      • Even then, with the a/c running continuously all day, the thermostat reading inside was 77F/25C (it's normally set to 74F/23C in the summertime) and the humidity was 62%.  
    • Today is not much better, but we should get some relief tomorrow.
  • While I was mourning my own daughter, my high school girlfriend's oldest daughter (of two) got married on Saturday, in British Columbia... some photos were posted on Facebook. She's in her early 30s. 
    • My gf says she'd like to be a grandmother someday, but not counting on it. I think the odds are in her favour, but I'm glad she's taking that attitude. 
  • Today is two weeks since my eye surgery (superficial keratectomy), and four days since my first follow-up visit on Thursday, when the contact lens bandage was removed (which was a relief!). My eye is about the same as it has been for several days now. Still feeling slightly irritated (like there's an eyelash stuck in there somewhere -- very annoying, especially when I know I'm not supposed to rub or touch that eye). There are times when I think the vision is improving ever so slightly, but it's mostly still fairly smudgy/blurry/foggy, which is discouraging (even though I know that a complete recovery will probably take up to two months). I don't think it's any worse, though, which I guess is something positive? 
  • Bloglovin' is back on my laptop this morning!  (For how long, who knows??)  It's been on the fritz since July 14th -- more than 3 weeks. :p 

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  1. Mourning alongside you. And hoping that by now (I'm late!) your eye is seeing well and feeling well.