Friday, July 11, 2008

Excuse me while I gag...

I was doing some Googling & found this clanger of an article from an Australian newspaper:

Sunday Rose will change Nicole Kidman's hard image


"...while the poor single, childless types continue to cop the bitchy, slutty image with headlines like "Show me the ring!", motherhood is doing wonders for even the most notorious celebrity bitches such as Posh Spice and Julia Roberts.

"But will it soften our rigid Nicole? Is this her chance to finally prove she's a real person, a nuturing mum who can handle a bit of vomit on the shoulder like the rest of us?...

Is this for real??? (Childless = bitchy & slutty?!?! Who knew??)

Not to mention that Nicole already HAS two children from her marriage to Tom Cruise (whom I lost all respect for when he &/or his lawyer implied that the baby she miscarried around the same time that he dumped her without explanation might not be his). I'm sure she's well acquainted with vomit by now.

Speaking of vomit, please pass the bucket... :p


  1. Damn. I just had half a cookie. Had to talk it into staying down, very gingerly. That there quote was making it chase my blood pressure on its way up. Urgh...

  2. this is so disturbing. as if the two children she adopted were not "real" children, as if one can only give birth to be a "real" mother, as if loss doesn't count at all. as if all childless women are b*tches and sluts. move over and make room for me to gag too. ugh.

  3. Oh wow. Wow.

    Please pass that bucket over here...

  4. So once again the two kids she does have with T. Cruise aren't really "hers". It's the biological child that gets all the attention - oooh, she's a REAL mother now.

  5. Yeah, the constant alienation of her adopted children irks my very last nerve. It must make those kids feel like total crap, let alone Nicole, who is made to feel like she wasn't *actually* a mother before.

  6. Didn't you know? If you don't squeeze them out your hoooha they don't count. I hope the person who wrote that article drives off a clif.

  7. Unbelieveable! How many lies, stereotypes, and blatantly offensive statements can they cram into two paragraphs?

  8. Awful! Anything for ratings/readership I guess . . . what ever happened to some fairness and perspective?