Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are you a "Savvy Auntie?"

I found this story from The Huffington Post a few days ago, which led me to a new site, Savvy Auntie -- a parenting community for non-parents. I just signed up but will admit I haven't haven't yet explored everything the site has to offer. As a proud auntie to two teenaged nephews, however, I have to admit it sounded interesting.

And, needless to say, when I read the following excerpt from the Huffington Post article, my ears pricked up (well, I was reading, not listening, but you know what I mean...):
It's estimated that today, childless women represent about 50% of the adult female population. There are at least just as many non-moms are there are moms in America! And whether or not these women are childless by choice, they do not live a so-called "barren" lifestyle. Children are often front-and-center in their lives, as they play devoted Auntie to relatives' and friends' children. These relationships are a fundamental part of their lives. But we've been myopic on the traditional role of women as Mom.
Well, hear, hear!!

At the same time, however, I wonder whether she is truly responding to a market need out there, or trying to create one. Probably a little of both. The emphasis on the "Gifts" section in particular had me a little suspicious.



  1. Interesting site. I wonder if it was inspired by the Canadian site and e-newsletter, Savvy Moms. Savvy Auntie certainly looks a bit product-heavy. I guess she's got to make her money somewhere.

  2. Very interesting - I'm also a dedicated auntie to my 3 nephews as well as many of my friends' kids, and sometimes a little recognition would be nice. But having just had a very brief look at that site, I have to say that I don't know that it's anything I'd be interested in. I think you're right on in saying that she's probably trying to create a need more than responding to one. But I guess anything that helps blur the lines between super-mommies and barren-esses is probably a good thing.

  3. That is an interesting statistic.

    What is up with the gifts? My inner Nancy Drew piqued a bit with that one also. Also the use of "brand" as in "the Savvy Auntie brand".

    I don't know. The word "barren" bothers me somewhat as well - though the word does play the contrast well when they talk of the "savvy" auntie. I like the theory though - a great deal, to be truthful. I have found being able to interact with other women who could relate and put into context the same things I was feeling/going through very helpful and enlightening at times.

    Interesting article - some interesting comments too from other readers at the end of it.

    I agree with you - probably a bit of both - creating and tapping into a market.

  4. interesting. never heard of this. genius marketing form someone who must know how much the mommy industry rakes in each year. cute site though.

  5. Wow. 50%, that sounds high. Half of the women I know don't have kids? Well, I guess if you count everyone from age 18 up, that does fit. And maybe certain places are more skewed, say like NYC.

    The website looks balanced enough. I didn't log in to get to the community section. I guess as long as you find the quality to be high, it will be a nice place to get info without being bombarded with "mom" lingo all the time. The ads will pay for the content, design, and hosting, so I guess if they make enough money they should be able to pay for better writing. I hope you find the site useful!

  6. Interesting concept. I haven't had a chance to check it out much yet, but I find it validating that someone thinks the role of childless aunts is significant enough to warrant a website.

  7. Neat. I do think it's partially responding to a real market need. Re: the gifts section, I think this is tapping into a market impulse, rather than need. Most of my female friends are single and childless, in their early/mid 30s, and we all spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about, talking about, and shopping for the little kids in our lives. I've found (and have been told, politely) that I do a little too much in the gift department as it is. Shopping as "barren therapy," etc.

  8. Sounds interesting. I will have to check it out. Kind of sounds like creating a need, but my hat's off to her. I hope she finds her niche.

  9. That is very interesting...and especially since I soon will be a clueless auntie...