Friday, July 11, 2008

One more fun news item...

I also found this article about baby showers from a childfree-by-choice perspective while Google News-ing "childless" or "childfree," & it made me laugh. Excerpt:

I'M OK with babies. I mean, I don't want to possess one or anything, but they're nice for other people to have. (Except maybe for teens in Gloucester, Mass., but what are ya gonna do.)

Unfortunately, though, when people have babies, a baby shower is inevitably on the horizon.

Now I'm not OK with baby showers, and the feeling is mutual. One even tried to kill me. More on that later.

My main problem with baby showers, aside from the aforementioned murder attempt, is the use of baby-shower games. They should be outlawed. They are annoying and infuriating. They are the entertainment version of waterboarding, and whoever thought of them should be held down and forced to listen to five hours of a Farmer Says See 'n Say, stuck on "cow."
A woman after my own heart! ; ) Read the rest!


  1. Thanks Loribeth! I love your news round-ups, and this was one I definitely I needed right now! :)

  2. Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie gets mad about all the wedding showers and baby showers she attends and buys gifts for and she decides to send out an announcement that she is marrying herself and registers for one pair of shoes? The big question she raises is what about single women who forever remain single? Where is their big party where everyone brings a gift? There is no shower for singles. There should be something for women who do not have children..for whatever reason. We deserve gifts too! And everyone whose shower we have ever attended would be invited and expected to bring gifts. Gifts we've registered for of course!

  3. Ha!! I hate baby showers, too. And the games? UGH. :)

  4. Heh heh... love the "When I kick the heroin" response to the always intrusive "when are you having kids" question!

    Some baby shower games really are disgusting.

  5. Oh, too funny! Thanks, Lori! I needed that.

    I am actually skipping out on a baby shower this afternoon b/c: 1) It is for a friend whom other friends of mine and I showered a couple of weekends ago, so I don't feel the need to shower her again; 2) It is being given by someone I don't know, and I wouldn't know anyone else at the shower, save the mother-to-be; 3) Everyone else at the shower will be a mother; and 4) The host sent out cards with the invitation inviting people to "share their favorite memory they have had with their own child" (!)

    I don't think the excuse I gave for missing it was very good, but I don't feel that guilty about it. I guess my friend (the mother-to-be) thought I would feel bad about not being invited. I know her heart was in the right place, but I think I'd pick a root canal over attending this particular event.

  6. It was a really funny article! Thanks for that.

  7. I totally and completely 100% agree. I've ALWAYS hated them. (And I suspect I ALWAYS will.)

  8. Brilliant, positively, brilliant. Thanks for all of these updates. As for the childless = bitchy and slutty? I never knew me and my people merited such high-profile name-calling...usually we're just overlooked.

  9. This is hilarous. I'd like to hear more about the attempt on her life by a baby shower. I have never had to participate in this. I managed to live far from my family during the time my cousins were all popping them out. I am onlly familiar with the bow hat...

    I thought there had to be a reason you seemed so bitchy and slutty:) Now I know why...