Thursday, April 30, 2009

(Another) article: "The Guilt of Secondary Infertility"

Lisa Belkin must have gotten the message about National Infertility Awareness Week! ; ) (although the words have not yet appeared in her blog) For the second consecutive day, the New York Times blog Motherlode tackles an infertility-related topic, via a guest blogger: secondary infertility.

11 comments so far... including several calls for further discussion on the subject of pregnancy loss.

As I mentioned on Emily's blog, I Google-News-ed "National Infertility Awareness Week" & came up with exactly 22 references... most of them press releases, with various organizations (including PETA!!) pushing their own angle. :(


  1. I have an entirely different perspective on IF since becoming a db mom. Eventhough I had two m/c before joining up, I still hadn't really looked at the mighty struggles IFer's deal with on a daily basis. And now I sadly realize, most people won't ever 'get' it until it is their burden to carry.
    No matter how much press and media attention is paid.

  2. Sad to say, at one point in my life I actually would have envied that woman....

  3. I have to stop leaving comments on those blogs! I get so riled up and can't help myself. :)

    I wish we could "slime" anyone who puts "just" before the word "adopt." Sort of like on "You Can't Do That on Television" back in the day... Sigh.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I like Shinejil's idea. (Best kids' show ever! *sigh over my first crush Alistair*)

    I didn't read through all the comments, but secondary IF is a hard topic to discuss (or to even consider, for many in the primary IF world).

  5. BTW, as the wife of a guy with MFI, I'm pretty annoyed with PETA for merging impotence and infertility. Geez, we haven't heard nearly enough comments about "bedroom problems."