Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday: A perfect (Canadian) moment

Here are the elements that added up to my perfect (and perfectly Canadian) moment last night:

* Watching the 97th annual Grey Cup -- the storied annual championship game of the Canadian Football League (AKA "the Grand National Drunk").

* Cheering for the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs the Montreal Alouettes (I lived in Saskatchewan 1963-69)(we'll conveniently overlook the fact that they LOST, & in the dumbest, most awful way in the very last seconds of the game...).

* A stadium full of delirious Saskatchewan fans (the most rabid in the league, clad in green & white & sporting watermelons on their heads)(don't ask...). (Here's an explanatory video clip, if you really want to know know...)

* Blue Rodeo, one of Canada's most beloved bands, playing the halftime show, singing three songs voted on by the fans: "Till I Am Myself Again," "Hasn't Hit Me Yet," and "Lost Together."

* Putting down my ironing, grabbing my dh & slowdancing together in the living room, singing along. ("Try" -- which they didn't play -- is one of "our" songs.)

* Seeing the fans on the field & in the stands doing the same thing.

Life doesn't get much more perfect than that. And I think the only thing that would have made it an even more Canadian moment would have been some snowflakes in the air, lol. (Don't worry, they're coming...)

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  1. You make me want to sew maple leaves on all my articles of clothing.

    Sorry your team lost, esp in an awful way.

    But at least you got "your" song. That's perfect!

  2. I am visiting from Weebles Perfect Moment Monday post.

    The best part for me would have been "putting down my ironing..." the slow dancing would be "frosting on the cake."

    Thanks for sharing your Perfect (Canadian) Moment!

  3. Visiting from Weebles...

    What a perfectly romantic moment.

  4. November is over . . . whew

    Sounds like December is off to a good start - I would consider that a "perfect moment" too. (Though, without the ironing - I rarely need to iron.)

    Slow dancing in the livingroom, nice. :0)

  5. That sounds like a perfectly Canadian perfect Monday!

    Slow dancing with Hub in the living room was the best part. ;-)

  6. Ah....sweet. Loved the image of two who love slow dancing in the living room. Beautiful.