Monday, November 2, 2009

(A Place to) Hide Away

After writing that last post earlier in the day, the fragment of a song, in Karen Carpenter's achingly beautiful, crystalline voice, started sounding from the recesses of my memory: "I need to find a place to hide away."

So I Googled "The Carpenters lyrics I need a place to hide away" & up popped the lyrics to "Hideaway," from a 1971 album by The Carpenters -- which I still have somewhere, in vinyl (but haven't played in many years).

Tonight at home, I did some more Googling & on You Tube I found this clip from 1971, from their summer TV series, "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (which I remember watching at my grandmother's house). She was just 21 years old when she sang this.

I always loved The Carpenters, & I have several of their albums. The one Christmas (1983) that dh & I were apart, before we were married, I listened to "Merry Christmas Darling" obsessively. God, what a voice. What a loss to the world when she died.


I've got to find a place to hideaway
Far from the shadows of my mind
Sunlight and laughter, love ever after
For how I long to find a place to hideaway

I hear you whisper and I must obey,
Blindly follow where you'll be
Knowing tomorrow brings only sorrow
Where can I go to find a place to hideaway

Bright colored pinwheels go round in my head
I run through the mist of the wine
The night and the music remind me instead
The world once was mine

I'll save my pennies for a rainy day
But where can I buy another you?
Dreams are for sleeping
Love is for weeping
Oh, how I long to find a place to hideaway.


  1. I love the Carpenter's too. Listening with an adult voice, to the pain and loss that was behind Karen Carpenter's voice, changes everything.

    And hearing this song in as a grieving song changes everything, too.

  2. Another thing we long lost cousins have in common - not just an affinity for the Bay City Rollers (I just had to have a pair of plaid pants - drove my mom nuts about it) but the Carpenters too. Between them and Captain and Tenille - I don't think I ever left my phonograph! Thanks for a sweet memory.

  3. When I was a kid I used to the Carpenter's Love songs album. I always loved her voice. So sad, so sweet.

  4. I also love the Carpenters. Her voice, the words, the pain...

    I have something special for you over at my blog.