Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Posts in 30 Days: Day 12: Something you are OCD about

I like to think that dh is the OC in our family. ; ) But I admit I have my own little quirks too. Problem is I can't think of any really good ones right now, & neither can dh (I asked).

The only one that's coming to mind at the moment: whenever we're in a bookstore, I will often straighten up the books -- including shoving in the ones that are sticking out too far, & reshelving ones that are out of alphabetical order (drives me nuts).

I also hang dh's shirts (& mine) in the closet grouped according to colour. He thinks that's weird. I think it's just because he's male. ; )


  1. I love other peoples OCD quirks. Mine is that all of my paper money MUST be in acceding order AND must be all facing in the same direction...and I will confirm this EVERY TIME I get change. LOL....I tell you...

  2. That's also another one of mine, Betty! -- I worked as a teller at a credit union one summer & that was something we were taught. I think the central bank used to require money to be sent to them that way, but they don't anymore. These days, it seems money comes out of the ABM facing all different ways & it drives me NUTS.

  3. I'm the same with bank notes. The Queen's head must be facing front and the right way up and notes go from low to high. I've been known to idly re-arrange other people's purses and wallets too which I think takes me beyond OCD to a little bit mad :-)

  4. As someone who once worked in a bookstore, and is also full of OCD quirks (many of which are not nearly as cute as yours), I appreciate that you sort and tidy the books in bookstores.

    This makes you even more awesome.