Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Posts in 30 Days: Day 3: Your favourite TV show

I don't watch a lot of TV these days. It's a combination of (a) mindless TV watching being replaced by mindless Internet time ; ) (b) shows appear & then disappear so quickly these days, you barely have time to get attached to a show & it's cancelled, (c) when I do find a show I like (& it lasts more than a few episodes), the networks shuffle the time slots around so much it's hard to remember what night & time it's on, or (d) show three repeats for every new episode (whatever happened to showing all the repeats in the summer??) & (e) dh controls the clicker, lol.

Also, to be frank, a lot of what's on TV today just doesn't interest me. I have absolutely no interest in reality TV. It took an article in this week's Entertainment Weekly to explain to me who the Kourtney, Khloe & Kim I keep seeing on the covers of People & Us magazines are (but I'm still not sure why I'm supposed to care). I used to watch "Jon & Kate Plus 8" until the marriage started degenerating & it just got too painful to watch. Slice of life shows like that are slightly more palatable to me than contrived competitions. I did get hooked on "Battle of the Blades" on CBC last season, & I've occasionally tuned in to "American/Canadian Idol," but at least there's some genuine talent involved there (as opposed to the ridiculous competitions, schemes & backstabbing that takes place on shows like "Survivor," "The Bachelor" & "Big Brother").

I still enjoy a good, well-written comedy, though, & Monday nights for the last few years have been "must see TV" for me & dh. I've gotten hooked on "How I Met Your Mother" (love Neil Patrick Harris). As a smalltown Prairie girl, I absolutely loved "Corner Gas" on CTV while it was on (& miss it horribly)(side note: I lived in the same town as Brent Butt for three years in the 1960s, when I was a little girl & he was either a baby or not born yet). Still watch "Two & a Half Men," although it hasn't been quite as good as it used to be lately (& I can't believe some of the stuff they get away with on network TV).

Our new favourite, though, is "The Big Bang Theory." To be frank, dh & I were both geeks back in younger days (probably still are, lol). Dh was actually a science geek at school (& still is -- he actually understands a lot of the references & "in jokes" on the show). So we've become big fans of this show, about four geeks (three physicists & an engineer who work at a university in California), their improbable friendship with the gorgeous blonde wannabe actress/waitress who lives across the hall. It's well written, well characterized & well acted -- we were both ecstatic that Jim Parsons won the Emmy at the awards last week. There is absolutely no one on TV like Sheldon Cooper!

Anyone else love "Big Bang?" What are your favorite shows?


  1. I love the older episodes of Two and a Half Men. It's a great show.

  2. I LOVE The Big Bang Theory - it rocks.

    If I wasn't married, I'd be hunting down Jim Parsons right now - he so deserved the Emmy for his portrayal of Sheldon!


  3. We watch How I Met Your Mother & the Big Bang Theory too. Funny thing is that the actor who is Leonard came to my work one day and I missed him by about 5 minutes. I walked in the door and everyone said to run down the hall to find him...he was gone already! :)

    I know exactly what you mean about filling TV time with internet time. I hardly ever watch TV anymore...

    My other favorite current shows are Community and Modern Family. I think they are both great comedies! :)

  4. I ADORE Big Bang Theory! It's one of the best shows ever :)

  5. I'm a nerd extraordinaire and so I can relate to the Big Bang!

    I LOVE Corner Gas! :)

    I do confess to loving The Bachelor because it is so trashtastic.

    Most of my favourite shows are off the air: M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Titus (a hugely underrated show).

    I also adore the Colbert and Stewart news parodies.

  6. Yeah, my MIL loves that show, she made us watch it. One or two funny lines in it but I think I can't really relate. Frankly, if there are no black people on it, I'm not likely to watch it. I'm hooked on True Blood which is on HBO Canada. It's pretty disgusting when you actually think about it, but it's like a R-rated vampire soap opera. Which brings me to another show I've been watching for 20 years (off and on) - The Young and the Restless. I've outed myself.

  7. Deathstar, my parents watch Y&R too (I think my dad is even more hooked than my mom!). I watch it along with them whenever I'm there. Needless to say, it doesn't take long to pick up on the plotlines, lol.

  8. Big Bang Theory is definitely our favorite show on television these days- my husband and I just love it!

  9. OMG, I'm so far behind on blog reading. I'm making that my priority fun activity for this weekend. I just HAD to comment, though - except for your Canadian shows (:>) we match up pretty well. BBT is one of our favorites - laugh out loud funny, most of the time. And HIMYM is fantastic...although I had a bit of a time with the fertility story line. Hoping that moves to the background now. :)