Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Posts in 30 Days: Day 6: 20 of your favourite things

1. Dh. : )
2. Long weekends. : )
3. Our nephews.
4. Taking photos.
5. Looking at old photos.
6. Reading. Books, magazines, newspapers, blogs... just about anything.
7. Bookstores. I could spend hours there.
8. Movies. Especially at the movie theatre. With....
9. Popcorn! A BIG bag. : )
10. Starbucks Awake tea lattes. (And gingerbread lattes at Christmastime.)
11. Christmas.
12. Scrapbooking.
13. Chocolate!
14. DQ Skor Bar Blizzards.
15. Pasta. (Sadly, no tomato sauce these days, though...)
16. An occasional steak, medium well, with a baked potato (butter & sour cream on the side).
17. My dad's Sunday brunches.
18. Being at home during the day & seeing sunlight flooding in through the living room window. Gives the room an entirely different look!
19. Going to the spa (especially for pedicures & facials).
20. Blogging. : )

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I'd love to do these posts - I love Starbucks caramel macchiatos, I wish they could make caramel flavoured milk foam. And man, do I love popcorn - as a matter of fact, when DH is away, I have it for dinner. You did not mention DQ blizzards (I have my hands over my ears.) I am also a spa baby - and would gladly go every week if I could. Have you tried hot stone massage? Heavenly!