Sunday, September 19, 2010

30 Posts in 30 Days: Day 19: A talent of yours

Talent, eh? Let me think. I used to play piano, but I can't say I'm fabulously talented in that way. I can carry a tune, but there a lot of people who sing better than me. I am a fairly good cook, but I'm no gourmet & I'm not passionate about it. I am not in the LEAST bit athletically talented.

Writing has always been something I enjoyed doing, & I even found a way to make a living doing it (although perhaps not writing novels as I had dreamed). Doing things like blogging & scrapbooking help give me the creative satisfaction that my job sometimes lacks.

I will say that I am a pretty good proofreader. I can spot a typo at 20 paces, lol. I sometimes even circle typos that I find in books in red pen. I can't help myself. ; )


  1. oh yes, a woman after my own heart. i hate to see the signs for tomato's at the grocery store. haha

  2. oh dang! Please forgive me when you read my blog! ;-)
    And I think you're just being so modest. :-)