Monday, September 19, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: It's in the bag... ;)

SIL & I, along with our dhs (brothers to each other),  spent Saturday night at the mall, shopping for the so-far elusive perfect evening bag/clutch to go with her mother-of-the-groom dress. This was our second such trip in about a week, and probably the half-dozenth since we went dress shopping last spring.  On our previous excursion, we didn't find the bags we were looking for -- but we did both find new shoes to go with our dresses. We'd actually both bought new shoes earlier this summer, but the new shoes we found matched our dresses better, fit better and were cheaper too. How could we resist?? ;)  (And note to Mali: I also found a great pair of dressy silver flip-flops to change into later for dancing, should the shoes start to chafe. Thanks for the tip!)

SIL was out of luck in the evening bag department -- but I scored. Nevermind that I already have two silver evening bags in my closet that probably would have done the job perfectly well. ;)  This one perfectly matched my new shoes. Even better, it was marked down from $34.99 to $27.99. And even better still, when I got to the cash register, it scanned in at $22.99. I also found a fabulous bling-y bracelet.

Dh & BIL watched with bemusement as we looked at and nixed one evening bag after another in store after store after store. We wanted something champagne-y, to match the underlay on SIL's lacey dress, as well as her shoes. Most of the bags we found were too gold or too silver.

"Who's going to care??" dh finally asked me, half perplexed, half exasperated. I tried to explain to him that yes, in the end, a plain black evening bag could probably suffice. But there's a certain thrill in finding the perfect accessories and perfect makeup and nail polish colours to go with the perfect dress, especially for an occasion that's as special as this one. I can't speak for SIL, but for me, knowing that I look my absolute best gives me a big boost of confidence and frees me to enjoy the evening more.

Do you agree?

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  1. Oh, I agree. Nothing like finding the perfect accoutrements to the perfect dress. I love shopping for a dressy little bag... which reminds me that my silverish one bit the dust and maybe I should set out to find a fabulous deal like you did! Holy markdowns, you got a great deal! The flipflops are a great idea. Even if the fancier shoes don't hurt the night of due to adrenaline and stuff, the next day will be miserable if you don't swap 'em. Unless they are the unicorn that is fancy AND legitimately comfy. I am so excited for you as you get ready(er) for this big event!

  2. I was jealous when I heard about the bag shopping - I LOVE bag shopping! Bag shopping that turns into shoe shopping is even better too. Glad you found the silver flipflops (or jandals, as we would call them) - I'm sure your feet (and back) will thank you. (I also bought some silver sandals myself last week - for summer when it arrives.)

    But then I was horrified to hear you'd taken DH and BIL. No, no, no - I never take DH on a shopping trip, he'd cramp my style!

    And yes, knowing you look good helps you feel good too. Men will never get that!

    1. I MUCH prefer solo shopping too!! but this mall was some distance -- I don't drive & SIL wasn't comfortable driving that far on some major highways, so the guys drove. We offered to meet them somewhere in the mall later, but they opted to stay with us... their choice if they were bored!! ;)

  3. Oh yes absolutely! I love it when I find the perfect wedding outfit accessories.

  4. Well, as someone who would be super happy if jeans were required clothing at weddings...

    But, yes, I think you're right and that men don't really get it because their suits are so straightforward. I need to get shoes now to go with a dress because I broke the heel on the shoe I normally wear. And I've been putting it off because it's stressful.

  5. Agreeing with Mel as I'm terrible at this stuff.

    That said, have you thought about a contrast color for the evening clutch? Maybe have it stand out instead of matching?

  6. I'm more of a satisficer. Whatever I can get by with in the least amount of shopping time. Clearly a mutant gene in my family.

    You sound like an amazing shopper, the kind I should hang out with!