Monday, November 20, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

  • Sorry for the downer of a previous post... albeit it did feel good to vent a little. ;)  What can I say, it's November...! 
  • We got out of the house this weekend, which did wonders for my mood (even though the weather was crappy).  We went to an event at a nearby art gallery where I hold a membership, then into the pretty little village where it's located for treats at Starbucks. Then to BIL's house to play with Older Nephew's puppy (always a mood-booster!), and from there to the mall to walk around, shop & have dinner. 
  • The mall had all its Christmas decorations up, and Santa was holding court. Now I'm starting to feel Christmasy!  
  • Season finale of "Poldark" was on TV last night... including no fewer than three pledge breaks interrupting the show. Ugh. I love PBS & I know it depends on pledge breaks, but couldn't they put them before & after the show, especially when it's something that's SO anticipated??  

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  1. Oh nice, I'm glad you got out of the house and did some fun things! These melancholy days come sometimes, right? Sunday was a blue day for me. Sorry about those pledge drive interruptions...I didn't realize they INTERRUPT SHOWS for that! I know they do interrupt radio shows, but somehow TV shows seem a bit more, I don't know, sacred. I hope the last half of November is more cheer than grimness!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. You're making me want to go to an art gallery. I really enjoy them, but just never get around to doing it these days.

    I'm assuming pledge breaks are the public equivalent of ad breaks? We rarely watch anything live these days because the ad breaks drive us crazy. So I feel for you!

  3. OK, the description of the ad breaks during Poldark made me laugh. I always think that too when I listen to NPR during pledge weeks, then I feel guilty because they need support to exist and I love the programming. But still, so annoying!!