Monday, November 27, 2017

#MicroblogMondays: Royal engagement (pass the Kleenex...)

I was out most of today, but before I left this morning, I caught the announcement of Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, and their brief photo op at Kensington Palace. (I plan to watch the TV interview later.)  Much to my surprise (and dh's bemusement), I found myself getting emotional and wiping my eyes as I watched the happy couple give huge smiles for the cameras, show off Meghan's ring, and then exit, arm in arm.

"Why are you crying??" dh asked.  I couldn't quite explain -- I wasn't quite sure myself. But when I thought about it, I could think of several reasons why I might have reacted the way I did.

First, I love royal weddings (who doesn't??) -- I don't think I've missed one since Princess Anne's (her first marriage in 1973, when I was 12). Another wedding, another link in the chain extending back into my past.

Then I realized just how long I've been watching royal weddings (eek), and how many. And I suddenly felt very old. :p

I thought about Harry's parents' wedding, and everything that came after that -- and how happy Diana would have been to see this day. Diana was the same age I am -- meaning that, in a different life, Harry could have been my son. (Gulp.) I thought, briefly, about my own little girl, who will never be a bride, and the lifetime of milestones that we've missed out on with her.

I thought about how, not that very long ago, a marriage between a British royal prince and a divorced, biracial American actress could never have happened. I thought about King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend, and how far we have come since those days.

And I guess I was happy to see Harry happy, and finally find the right girl, after several previous romances didn't work out.

(And, quite possibly, I'm just a sentimental sap, lol.)

Congratulations to the happy couple! :)

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  1. Yeah it's sweet seeing Prince Harry looking so happy. Such a shame Diana didn't get to be around longer.

  2. This might make me a sap too, but I really enjoyed their interview together. They were very charming, and he is super into her, which I loved.

  3. I was happy to see this announcement, too! I love that she doesn't fit the "traditional" mold of a royal fiancee. They seem truly happy.

  4. This made ME cry. And I managed to get through the actual news without tears.

  5. I'm like Mel. Your post has made me a little weepy too - given that this had so many elements to think of. Harry's parents wedding was the first I watched. I'll watch this one too - especially as I've been a big fan of her in Suits, and having read a bit about her feminist and activist leanings and activities, I'm a big fan of her in her real life too.

  6. I love what her father said to her when she did know what box to check when it asked if she was white, black, Asian or Latino. Her father said "Make up your own box and be your own person." Great answer!

    Love these two. Diana would of been thrilled. He took all his mother's ground breaking deeds and found the girl that fit.

  7. Good grief, my sentiments at the announcement matched yours exactly.

  8. Royal weddings are definitely intriguing to watch. It is sentimental for sure when you think about Princess Diana and how proud she would be of her boys.