Monday, August 6, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: The Summer That Sucked

  • An update to a recent post: my high school girlfriend's father passed away last week as she held his hand, exactly four weeks after the death of her mother. :( 
  • Another (non-ALI, online) friend lost her brother a few days ago. She also lost her MIL earlier this summer.  :( 
  • StepMIL is contemplating whether it's time to send FIL to the local hospice. :( Dh & BIL have told her that's her call to make, as she & stepSIL are the ones caring for him 24/7 at this point (with the help of visiting nurses & home care workers -- but still...).  I don't think he will last very long away from home. :( 
  • It has been horribly hot & humid again this weekend. To say I am thankful for air conditioning is an understatement...! 
  • The "back to school" rumblings have started, particularly among my friends & relatives in the States...! 
  • I can't believe the summer is almost over, and we never got "home" to see my parents & the Little Princesses, and do all the summer things we usually do there. :(  
  • The daily news is so damned depressing, with the Orange One wreaking havoc south of the border, and Dougie & Co. following much the same playbook here in Ontario. Sometimes I despair for humanity. Kindness, generosity, civility and just plain sanity seem to have gone out the window. 
  • I broke my glasses yesterday when I was cleaning them!! They are wire frames, and snapped right where the lens piece joins the nose piece. I don't think they're fixable (dh's broke in the exact same place two years ago) -- I'm hoping the manufacturer still makes the frames, because then I can just order a new one & have the old lenses popped in. If not, I will have to get an entirely new pair of glasses. :p  I have had these ones for not quite four years. (In the meantime, I am bouncing back & forth between my computer/reading glasses and an older pair -- and getting slightly woozy from the less-optimal prescription...!)  And it's a long weekend (of course...!), so the earliest I can call the optometrist about them is tomorrow. And (of course), I probably won't be able to get in to see him until at least Wednesday -- not the least because... 
  • Tomorrow will be 20 years (TWENTY YEARS!!) since I delivered my stillborn baby girl. :(   (And THAT is my #1 priority on the agenda!) 
  • I am starting to think of this as "the summer that sucked."  :p  
  • It hasn't ALL sucked, of course. We had a nice time on our wedding anniversary. I got downtown for lunch with some girlfriends. We've had a few fun get-togethers with family. We celebrated Younger Nephew's birthday this weekend, and had a lot of laughs while we did. Spending time with Older Nephew's miniature dachshund puppy is always a mood booster. We've been out for gelato. I connected with some fellow CNBCers and made a great video about IVF at 40 (check it out, if you haven't already done so). I've read a few good books, and seen a couple of fun movies. 
  • But for sure, the last few weeks/months have been more memorable for the bad stuff than the fun/good stuff. :(  
  • (Sorry to be a downer, but that's my frame of mind at the moment...) 
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  1. This summer was particularly cruel. More than 10 deaths in the lives of people I know, with the most recent being last Thursday. Ugh! Return to routine at least balances out all the icky. Sending you hugs from the place where the "orange one" wreaks havoc.

  2. I totally understand that you feel this has been the summer that sucked. I've certainly had a few of those, as I know you have.

    I also feel for your husband and brothers and StepMIL - making that final step to move to the hospice is heart-breaking. It's still one of the memories that make me tear up when I remember telling my father that he was moving to the hospice, because he couldn't be cared for at home (he was a big strong man, too heavy for my mother and I to move). The ambulance came, and though I didn't think of it at the time, telling my sister later, we were happy that they took him to the ambulance out through the garden, rather than just out the back door, so he could see it one last time.

    You're in my heart this week.

  3. I'm watching the video now, and how much do I love joining your face and your voice?

    I'll be thinking of you hard on your Katie milestone tomorrow. xoxo

    I'm sorry the summer has been nonstellar, and that so many in your inner circle are facing big issues.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the recent losses. Life can be so cruel. I'm thinking of you also as the 20 year anniversary comes up.

  5. Oh, it is truly the Summer That Sucked, so much loss in there. I'm so sorry for your friends' losses, and the heartwrenching decision-making process of whether or not to have your FIL enter hospice. So tough. And the anniversary... I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the end of summer gets less sucky, or at least that the fall is much kinder. Sending you love!