Monday, September 10, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

  • Just a reminder: It's World Childless Week!  :)  Lots going on! 
  • Back to school photos seem to have (finally!) tapered off as most kids returned to classrooms last week. As I said to another CNBCer, I don't think it's the photos themselves that bother me as much as all the accompanying commentary...!  
    • (I did see a couple of brilliant adult parodies online, including one of a male schoolteacher holding up one of those blackboard signs (which included the line "my wife made me do this") and another guy holding up a chalkboard citing "day xxx of work."  ;)  )  
  • This time last week, we were sweltering, running from air conditioned condo to air conditioned car to air conditioned stores and back again. Yesterday was grey and chilly, to the point that I had to put on socks and yoga pants for the first time in months. They're back on today, and I had to wear shoes & a jacket when we went out earlier. There has to be a happy medium somewhere... right?? (Thankfully, things should warm up a bit later this week...) 
  • Remember the annoying online friend I posted about a few months ago, on a mommy group getaway?  Her first grandchild -- a girl, of course -- was born a few months ago, and I have barely been able to click a perfunctory "like" on the flood of gloating grandma posts on social media. Why is it so easy to be happy for some people, but others...?? 
  • Looking forward to a rare girls' getaway of my own later this week!  :)  
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  1. Doesn't it seem like we went straight from August to November? I hope we get a little in-between before it gets truly cold and snowy. I love the chilly weather though... So cozy! Loving my long pant pajamas and sweatshirt...

    I feel like the back to school photos just keep coming, with even tiny people in "First Day of Preschool" and parents of adult children posting what their kids are up to to feel included. I sort of want to post a picture of my cats and say, "xxxxxxxx days of staying home, asleep on the couch." Ha. I do love the parodies!

    And that Grandma Facebook friend... Blergh. I get how some people become just physical representations of all annoying behaviors.

    And yay for girls' trip!

  2. It's not back-to-school time here, of course, but I've seen the US ones and the UK ones on Fbk. Sigh. Some people make it much easier to "like" their stuff when they are genuine and humble, and others just turn me off. There's a woman who was part of our ectopic support group and who I considered a friend, and I only discovered, about ten years later, indirectly through social media, that she actually already had two children from another relationship. I find her posts very hard to like, as she was so dishonest to us about her history and situation.

    Weather is weird. We were in Sth Australia last week, and we went from wearing winter woollies and a coat and scarf to sweating in T-shirt and jeans about three days later. It's kind of nice to get back to a long end-of-winter/beginning-of-spring, knowing that we have a very gentle transition through to our mild summer! lol

    Hope you have a lovely "girls' getaway" - that sounds like fun!