Tuesday, September 25, 2018

#MicroblogMondays (on Tuesday night): Odds & ends

  • I am late with my #MM post. The last week or so has been busy... 
  • Younger Nephew & his bride just closed on the purchase of their first home -- a two-bedroom condo townhouse. They paid a ridiculous price for a two-bedroom townhouse -- but then all real estate hereabouts is ridiculously priced, and it was about as "affordable" as local real estate gets.
    • We still haven't seen it yet but we did go shopping with Younger Nephew on Saturday. We told him to pick out a piece of furniture or appliance as a housewarming gift (within a semi-reasonable price range).  He picked... a vacuum cleaner. 
  • In response to a "wait until you have kids" comment from his dad (BIL), Younger Nephew said, "Actually, Dad, kids might not be on the table."  I am pretty sure he said that just to get a rise out of BIL (because I can't imagine his wife not wanting to have kids). ;)  But I think everyone was surprised when dh said to him, "That is ENTIRELY up to the two of you to decide!" (Not sure how BIL felt about THAT! lol)  
  • SIL & I went to a free taping for the Marilyn Denis show downtown yesterday (one reason this post is late). Marilyn is a well-known TV & radio personality, locally as well as nationally, and we had a good time. (Afterward, we went for lunch at a nearby cafe and then to a big downtown mall to shop.) 
    • For those of you who live in Canada and can watch, the show will air this Thursday morning. :)  (See if you can spot me!) It was mostly prepared clips from her recent visit to Ireland. They also taped a Halloween-themed cooking segment for a show that will air on Oct. 25th.
  • It's always great when a new blog post from an old blogging friend shows up in my reader.  :)  Welcome back, Miss E/South City Sadie!  
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  1. A vacuum cleaner is very practical!
    Good for DH for speaking out about having kids. Interesting that Younger Nephew made the initial comment too.
    The TV show taping sounds like fun. Lucky you.

    How nice for a blogger to return in her same space, after so long. And what a treat for her friends.

  2. Congratulations to Younger Nephew and his wife! Home ownership is a very big step. It's funny that he picked a vacuum cleaner - did you have something more heirloom-like in mind? Practicality is never a bad thing, though!

    I guess DH has felt the pressure from questions throughout his life too - I'm glad he added his thoughts.

    1. We wanted to get them something they needed/wanted. Nephew says he usually does the vacuuming, too! ;)

  3. That’s huge news about Younger Nephew/wife!! May they have a good first-time homeowner’s experience and may moving go well.

    I love dh’s response to about the comment. It sets the stage that you both can be trusted to approach if anything other than what is expected/planned happens.

    And I would have LOVED a good new vacuum cleaner. Finally got one I like 2 years ago (took some saving). What a thoughtful gift (even if it isn’t what you would have picked out. ;). )

  4. Congrats to younger Nephew and his wife! A vacuum is a great pick, they are so expensive and a good one is so great to have. Not super romantic, ha ha, but very practical! Ooh, the live taping sounds fun. And hurray for DH's response and Younger Nephew's response... I hate the "wait until you have kids" comments and love that the answer was a bit out of the ordinary. I hope all works out as desired, but it's nice to know they've got you in their corner no matter what!