Monday, September 3, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Small pleasures

  • (Finally!) putting up pictures, after 2.5 years in this condo...!  
  • Watching dh's cousins & their kids crowding around to look at the family tree chart I brought to the family gathering this weekend, trying to find themselves on it (and hearing them exclaim, "I didn't know that!"). 
  • Giving huge hugs to Cousin/Neighbour's two daughters (now in their mid-20s), whom I once thought of as nieces but haven't seen in 5-10 years. :(  
  • Seeing some pretty good fireworks over the treetops from our condo windows last night. (Not sure when fireworks became part of Labour Day weekend, but, whatever....!  lol) 
  • Limone (lemon) gelato, on a scorching hot afternoon. :) 
  • Bonus: Unexpectedly finding the gelato shop mostly empty on a long weekend holiday Monday before school starts. :)
  • Getting to sleep in while everyone else is getting the kids off to school tomorrow morning (not to mention every other morning, lol). ;) 
  • Counting the days until I get to see my family (& Paul McCartney!! lol).  ;)  

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  1. This is a great list! Especially with limone gelato. Lol And I'm glad you got credit for the family tree. Well deserved!