Monday, February 1, 2021

#MicroblogMonday: Welcome to my least favourite month

Reasons why I dislike February: 

  • Feb. 8th = LMP (last menstrual period) date for my pregnancy with Katie, in 1998. Always a reminder of what was, and what will never be, and of everything that happened in the months that followed. This will be year #23. 
  • It's COLD!  
  • And grey, more days than not. Which makes things even more depressing...
  • COVID-19 makes the winter seem even longer. :(   I have not been out of the house since my birthday (on Jan. 12th). 
  • Memories of when I was still working:  February was a busy month, as we frantically prepared for our company's annual meeting & other communications projects, wrapping up the previous year and launching the new one. 
  • Not one but TWO dental appointments coming up this month (crown replacement plus cavity fix -- ugh...). 
  • "Family Day" -- the made-up holiday that's always a reminder of the pronatalism around me and the fact that I don't have (living) children. Far too many people do not consider a childless couple a family, and the hype around Family Day generally makes that abundantly clear. 

Reasons why I can like/tolerate February: 

  • Today (Feb. 1st) I have been officially retired for five years. :)  (Lost my job July 2014;  began receiving my early retirement pension Feb. 1, 2016.)  
  • Retirement. :)  It's much easier to endure February in retirement than it was while I was working...!  No 5 a.m. wake-up alarm;  no standing in the dark on a freezing cold platform waiting for a train to come (that's inevitably running late because of "mechanical difficulties");  no work stress to deal with... We don't have to leave the house/condo unless we really want to or need to (and that's a double blessing during a pandemic...!). 
  • Living in a condo with underground parking = no snow for dh to shovel, or to clear off the car.
  • Valentine's Day.  Dh rolls his eyes and calls it a "Hallmark (made-up) holiday," but what's not to like about a holiday that celebrates love & romance??  (And chocolate??  lol) (I realize people who are not in a happy relationship on Valentine's Day might feel differently.)
  • Family Day may not have the greatest name, but introducing it (in 2008) did give us a long weekend in the middle of February ;)  which was a real relief when I was still working. 
  • I don't mind the cold weather so much if/when the sun shines... :) 
  • Only 28 days to get through versus the usual 30 or 31. :)  (29, once every four years.) 

(See also "I hate November," lol. November comes second to February only because there is Christmas to look forward to...!)(It's usually not as cold either, lol.) 

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  1. I woke up feeling kind of "blah" today. But, like you in retirement, I think it's easier to deal with the blahs while unemployed instead of having to meet demands and deadlines at work when I am really not feeling it. It's also the pandemic. We are on month 11. And we are all so tired of it. Existentially exhausted.

    I don't have any "good" dates in February, but I don't have any "bad" dates either. Here's to a decent month for all of us! <3

  2. I smiled at the idea that retirement makes February easier. I could suggest you add, "No need to feel guilty for sleeping in on dark mornings, or curling up with a good book, or binge-watching a series on Netflix."

    February in Canada in the winter in the middle of a pandemic is very different to February in NZ. Sometime in the future, maybe you can escape February and come visit - it's the best month here (usually).

  3. Ugh, definitely some tough things about February. And ew, dental work! It is definitely a cabin fever sort of situation with COVID.

    You've got some great positives, though! Not having to get up and shovel is great. I hope March is a better month!