Tuesday, February 23, 2021

(More) Odds & ends

  • Why we are doomed...  (footage from a big-box home decor store in my region, which just reopened this week).  Also: check out this related tweet (& responses)(featured in the story).  
    • I love Homesense (and I will admit I found myself thinking wistfully about all the great stuff I usually find there when I was decorating for Christmas....) -- but is now *really* the time to be lining up to buy a decorative basket or pillow or farmyard sign or...??  The longer people keep doing dumb stuff like this, the longer this is going to drag on... 
    • Even in non-COVID times, I don't think you'd find me waiting 45 minutes in line for a photo frame or pillow...!  
    • (Also: aren't there supposed to be store capacity limits in place right now, as part of the reopening rules? Were they being enforced?) 
  • Katy at Chasing Creation has put together an online summit for childless women!  Four days of amazing (free!) programming (March 18-21), with options to upgrade for longer access to videos, bonus podcasts and other perqs. Check it out and register here.  
  • Jess ("My Path to Mommyhood") has a new blogging home! Go say hello and congratulate her on the launch of "Finding a Different Path." 
  • My best friend from growing up emailed me on my 60th birthday last month (which I mentioned here) -- she asked me then for my current phone numbers, and she called me earlier tonight! I recognized the area code but not the number -- though it might be one of my aunties, who call me occasionally -- what a surprise when I realized who it was!  We talked for an hour & a half!! As I said in my earlier post, we don't see each other or talk on the phone often these days, but whenever we do, we just pick up where we left off.  It was a real pick-me-up.  :)  
  • The hair salon we frequent (back in our old community, where we had the house -- a 30-45 minute drive from here) reopened last week, and I've been trying to call for appointments for haircuts, on & off. I finally gave up trying to reach a live person there and left a voice mail message this afternoon... and got a message back while I was on the phone with my girlfriend tonight (of course...!).  They are open again, BUT our regular stylist of the last several years is not back to work yet. Her little girl has health issues (asthma) and she is not comfortable with returning to work yet.  So we're trying to decide:  should we wait a while longer and see if/when she's coming back? (It's already been 12 weeks since our last haircuts, and we're both feeling pretty shaggy -- albeit it was 17 weeks between haircuts last spring/summer...!)  Should we ask for appointments with one of the other stylists there (whom we've known for a while too, albeit she's never cut our hair)?  Or should we make the break and try to find a new salon/stylist(s) here, closer to home (in the middle of a pandemic...!)?  I don't know... what would you do?? 


  1. I can't imagine why people would need decorative items as soon as the stores opened, but I guess it's just that people are so bored and so accustomed to consuming... Maybe they were treating themselves to a little shopping trip after lockdown? Maybe they are sick of staring at their "Live, Laugh, Love" sign and want to stare at a "Home Is Where The Family Is" sign instead? Whatever the reason, it is not good enough. People are still dying and we are still trying to race against the variants. But here I am preaching to the choir...

    Thanks for sharing about Katy and her online summit! I hadn't heard of her blog before so I'm glad to know of it now.

    That is awesome that you got such a long, quality conversation with your friend! I had two of those a couple of weeks ago and it really did give me a boost!

    As for haircuts, I'm not sure... I haven't had a haircut since August 2019. I got busy once my new jobs started and then the pandemic hit. Luckily, my hair isn't a short style so I've just been using a pair of used-to-be sewing scissors to cut my hair occasionally. My boyfriend's hair is long! And he's never had long hair before. So I guess we are on Team Waiting for Professional Haircuts. But I don't think there's anything wrong with traveling 30-45 minutes for a stylist that you like (when she return to work).

    1. Katy is mostly active on Instagram (which seems to be where the younger childless women are hanging out these days) but blogs occasionally.

      I called the salon & asked them to ask our stylist to please let us know when she returns. I was told the owner is in touch with her frequently & will pass along the message. So we'll see what happens next...!

  2. Argh! I had a long comment I thought I'd published, then lost it. Let's see if I can remember what I said.

    Thanks for the info on the summit.

    A friend you can pick up with where you left off is definitely a keeper! Glad you had a lovely long conversation.

    Good grief on the shoppers at that store.

    Take a leap and try somewhere new for your haircuts. It's the perfect time - it's winter, so you're not going out, and the pandemic, so you're not seeing anyone. Then you can use this and her absence as an excuse to go back to her, if you don't like the new cut. Hair grows, and within 6 weeks you can go back to your old stylist if you want. Go for it!

  3. Decor? When I get out, I'm gonna go after non-homey stuff first.

    Yay for Jess's new space!

    I tend to fall on the side of convenience, so what would work for me hair-wise would be to find a new stylist closer to home.

  4. Hey thank you for the shout out! I am feeling more at home in my new space every day! :)

    OH HOLY JEEZUM. THat video footage made me nauseous. I do not understand the need to go into a crowded store and STAND IN LINE for 45 MINUTES? Not even for food but for candles and kitschy hand-painted signs? I mean, I loved going through TJ Maxx Homegoods when it wasn't a pandemic, but I can't IMAGINE going there now. There is nothing "essential" there. (Also, I'd rather go to a small business than a megastore if I was going to have a hankering for that sort of thing.) Ugh.

    I'm with Mali, you could try a new place if the hair is driving you nuts, and always go back when your person is back to your salon. Or you could both grow some hippie hair? :)

    I'll have to check out that summit!