Monday, March 15, 2021

#MicroblogMondays: Annoying things & small pleasures


Annoying things: 

  • I broke my glasses on Thursday morning. The nosepiece/bridge between the two lenses snapped in half while I was cleaning them. :(  These were my reading/computer glasses -- not my regular/everyday glasses, fortunately (which are progressives/multifocals, but still not great for using the computer) -- but I still use them a lot and definitely noticed the difference when I lost the use of them. I've had them for 8 years. 
    • Small (big?!) pleasure:  Fortunately (?), I was scheduled for a checkup at the optometrist today (almost two years since my PVD)... and they just happened to have a  spare nosepiece on hand that fit my broken glasses perfectly!  What a relief!
    • My regular glasses are six years old -- at least, the lenses are -- I broke THOSE frames 2.5 years ago, just a few days before FIL died.  Fortunately, they were able to order a new pair of frames and just pop in the old lenses at that time.  My prescription for those has changed slightly, but the dr decided it wasn't enough to warrant new lenses at this time... which was also a relief/small pleasure.  (How do you try on new frames in a safe/socially distanced way -- touching frames that dozens of other people have probably handled before you...! -- and know how they're going to look while you're wearing a mask??) 
    • Also a relief/small pleasure:  Not having another big expense, on top of dentist appointments for both of us in early January (partly covered by our workplace dental insurance), a filling and a new replacement crown for me last month (not covered) and a new laptop after my previous one (just 2 & 1/2 years old) unexpectedly died in mid-February.  Ouch.  
  • The smell of cannabis from a neighbour's unit, wafting through the cracks of our condo unit door on a fairly regular basis (including once at 7:30 a.m. on a weekday... seriously??!) . :p  (We have our suspicions about which neighbour it is.) Yes, it's legal here now (which is why people are indulging more openly/frequently, I suppose), but:  (1) dh & I don't indulge, (2) quite frankly it reeks, and (3) it's amazing how far and how strongly the smell can spread. One of the not-so-good things about condo life! 
    • For a long time, I thought we might have a skunk infestation in or around the building... before someone confirmed our suspicions that it might be a (ahem) plant-based smell instead of an animal.  ;)  The smell is nothing like what I remembered from my college party days (gulp... 40?!  years ago...), and it turns out that pot today has changed a lot from the stuff back then (including the way it smells)... who knew?! 
    • (This is the kind of thing you'd expect a parent to say -- "think of the children!!"  lol -- but there ARE babies/young children living in this building and on this floor. Not something you think they should be exposed to this early in life, right?)(Of course, who knows, it might be their parents, lol...) 
  • Two different pilot programs offering AstraZeneca vaccinations for people in our age group (60-64) -- one though certain pharmacies and one through family doctors' offices -- but none in the area where we live.  And so we wait... (Most of the vaccinations being done right now are for people 80 and older.)  
  • Encountering not just one, not just two, but THREE maskless people in the common areas of our condo building last Saturday night, in violation of posted rules (including two in the parking garage and one in the elevator when we got on... he did reach into his pocket and put his on when he saw us, but...!)  
(Other) Small pleasures: 
  • Haircuts!! (finally!! -- after 14 weeks!!)(Last spring/summer, we went 17 weeks without.)
    • Learning that our regular hair stylist (currently not back at work after the latest lockdown) is moving to another salon back in our old community. I'm glad she will be returning to work soon, and in a location where we can still go to see her. 
  • Balancing my chequebook -- and actually getting it to balance! lol  (Am I showing my age here? -- &/or perhaps my banking background??  lol Does anyone else actually keep a chequebook register and/or balance it anymore??) 
What annoying things &/or small pleasures are you noticing lately? 

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  1. The story of your glasses was a rollercoaster of emotions! Down, up, down, up! lol Well told. I had my eyes tested a few weeks ago, and the change wasn't major enough to justify new frames or lenses. I'm probably ready for a change - I figure I change my clothes and jewellery and shoes on a much more regular basis than something on my face every day, so get a bit bored wearing the same glasses for years on end. My current glasses are now almost four years old - not too bad, but ...

    Grrr re the maskless guy in the lift/elevator in particular!

    Don't have a chequebook to balance. They're phasing them out here, so no point. My husband does check the credit card bill against all the receipts though. I tease him that he's a dinosaur! Though I do know the satisfaction of having records all matching up.

  2. My glasses got broken the other week, but my husband (who was responsible for them being broken) managed to fix them.

    We don't balance our checkbook any more because why bother when my husband can log in and check the balance and transactions EVERY DAY? He drives me nuts with that. I glance over the credit card bills and the bank transactions occasionally to make sure they align with what I remember buying and spending. But that's about it. (We do write stuff in the check register, though, to keep track of what few checks we write.)

  3. Oh! And! We went for an eye exam last summer, and it was terrible. Disinfectant makes the lenses to check your vision all blurred and smeary. I remain happy with my prescription but my husband and daughter both needed new glasses. Fortunately, I trust our eye doctor. Unfortunately, his certification was due in October and he didn't have the education credits, and they apparently wouldn't give him an extension, so he retired. Now I have to find someone new.

  4. From someone also in a cannabis-allowed area, I hear you. I can be walking down a block and sniff out who is indulging quite easily. Happens more often in Denver proper than in the suburbs, but it always catches me off guard. (I supposed after so many years, it shouldn't).

    Yay for the haircut! I'm getting one in the coming week and I'm So due. Hard to remember when we used to take this and other things like trying on glasses for granted.