Friday, March 5, 2021

"Katherine's Marriage" by D.E. Stevenson

"Katherine's Marriage" is the next D.E. Stevenson book  my DES fan group will be tackling -- a sequel to "Katherine Wentworth," which we read & discussed last year (reviews here and here)  

"Katherine's Marriage" picks up almost immediately where the last book left off:  newlyweds Katherine & Alec are on their honeymoon, camping (!) in the Scottish highlands, while Katherine's twins Den & Daisy stay with the reliable Aunt Liz and stepson Simon returns to school. While there, they strike up a friendship with the local laird, MacAslan, and his daughter Phil.  

But honeymoons can't last forever, and so it's back to Edinburgh to face Alec's domineering sister, Zilla... and then Simon is summoned to his grandfather's estate, Limbourne... 

Not a whole lot happens in "Katherine's Marriage."  (Well, it does and it doesn't.) (And while the title is "Katherine's Marriage," much of the story is told from Alec's perspective.)  It's more of a "slice of life" story than anything really dramatic and/or plot-driven. There's a lot of rehashing of Katherine's story from the first novel, and the ending, as some Goodreads reviewers complain, is rather abrupt, leaving us wanting more. 

Still, it was nice to spend some time with Katherine and her family again, and watch a little more of their story unfold. As usual, there are some lovely descriptive passages and vividly drawn characters to enjoy. 

Not Stevenson's greatest work, but far from her worst, either (that I have yet read, anyway).  3 stars on Goodreads.

I'll count this book as a re-read after we finish our group reading & discussion in a few weeks' time. 

This was Book #13 read to date in 2021 (and Book #1 finished in March), bringing me to 36% of my 2021 Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of 36 books. I am (for the moment, anyway...!) 7 books ahead of schedule. :)  You can find reviews of all my books read to date in 2021 tagged as "2021 books." 

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