Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Odds & ends

  • There were lots of requests for book recommendations and book lists at the recent Childless Collective Summit, which got me thinking about all the ones I've read (and all the ones I haven't... YET!  lol).  I've added a Book List page to the pages listed at the top of this blog (directly below the nameplate/header), listing books I've reviewed or blogged about here (or remember from my pre-blog reading) related to adoption/loss/infertility (ALI), grief, childlessness and/or related subjects. Obviously, there are many other great titles I haven't read yet!  I'll update this page as I read more books or remember others that I've already read. :)  At the very bottom of the list are links to a couple of other bloggers' book lists that I've found.  Happy reading!  
  • Older Nephew & his wife have bought a house!!  In a smallish town about an hour north of us here. It will mean daily commutes to work for both of them (by car -- no public transit that far north!)... but there's really nothing hereabouts they can afford (albeit they paid a rather ridiculous price for this house anyway...!). The house is about 30 years old and while some of the decor is slightly dated, it's in fairly good shape so there's not much they really HAVE to do right away (although Nephew's Wife hates the colour scheme and wants to paint, lol). 
    • Nephew's Wife/Little Great-Nephew's Mom will be returning to work from maternity leave in mid-May. SIL is quitting her job to look after Little Great-Nephew, at their house here. So we will still be able to drop by once in a while to see him during the day, even if they move. ;)  
  • I'm behind on bookmarking interesting articles I've read recently to share here, and I know I've missed some, but here are a few I did capture recently: 
    • Conceive Hospital had a great post recently called "Are You Really Tired or Busy if You Don’t Have Children?" (The Yael Wolfe piece in Medium referenced in the post is also really great!)  It reminded me of a post from very early in my blogging career, which I later submitted to Mel's Creme de la Creme for that year:  "In a tizzy about being busy." 
    • Ms. Magazine recently reran a classic feminist piece from 50 years ago.  It still sounds so depressingly familiar and, with perhaps a few tweaks in some of the details (does anyone send out laundry or dispute the need to buy a washing machine these days?), I think it still could have been written today... 


  1. I appreciated reading both the article and your previous post about being busy. I have definitely had my share of comments and looks over the years. The ones that hurt the most came from my parents and my sisters. Several comments come to mind immediately even though they were said many years ago. To state what is probably my obvious opinion: yes, we can be tired and/or busy without children! But of course, I know you and your readers know that.

  2. I thought I'd commented, but maybe just thought about doing it! lol

    Great idea to add the Book List. I look forward to delving into it. And glad that you'll still get to see LGN even with Nephew/NieceIL moving. From what I see online, Toronto/Ontario housing market is similar to that in Auckland (and increasingly Wgtn these days), so the fact they've managed to get into the housing market is indeed something to celebrate!

    Oooh, I must read that article you mentioned - I've already seen the Yael Wolfe one and loved it. And the feminist piece - I'm looking forward to it. Though it's not 50 years ago (though almost) I often feel that we're still pushing for the same things now that we were in the 1970s and 80s. Sigh.