Monday, November 8, 2021

#MicroblogMondays: Things I don't like

 (A variation on my "annoying things" posts... Taking my cue from a recent post by Mali!)  

  • Changing the clock, twice a year (as we just did...!)(sunset tonight around 5 p.m.... ugh!!). 
  • Mushrooms. (Although I don't mind a mushroom-flavoured sauce, or cream of mushroom soup in casseroles, etc... I just pick out the little mushroom pieces, lol.)  
  • Coconut. 
  • Nuts in baked goods or candy (for the most part). (Ground almonds for Italian amaretti cookies, OK, lol.) 
  • Snakes. I can't even look at pictures of them!
  • Trying and failing to balance my chequebook -- especially when I'm just 10 cents out (as I was the last time I did it...!) 
    • Realizing that I'm probably one of the last people left in the world who still tracks their cheques and debits in an account register, AND balances it regularly...!  
  • Being reminded of my age when my knees ache (as they do more & more often these days...). 
  • Dealing with gallstones (as I was doing, again, this past weekend...!). :( 
  • Having to put on long pants, socks and a jacket again when we go out, as well as slippers and/or socks inside the house. 
  • Day after day of grey, gloomy, drizzly skies :(  (albeit today is clear & sunny!). 
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  1. I am so with you on mushrooms and nuts. But not snakes. I don't mind them (well, not to eat!).

    The one I'm with you on most is the long pants one!

  2. Yum, mushrooms. I can relate to you on the nuts, though my hated things are sultanas and raisins in baked goods. Except a fruit cake. That's different. lol

    I like long pants! But I guess the long pants etc also come with the knowledge of a longer winter, so they bring extra baggage in your neck of the woods. lol

    We've had quite a few dull misty days lately. After a while, it gets old, doesn't it?