Monday, September 6, 2010

Grade 7!

My daughter would have been starting Grade 7 tomorrow. Grade 7 -- junior high! (in some areas -- here, she'd still be at her old school, which runs K-8). She'd be turning 12 in November. Practically a teenager!

On Facebook, on my scrapbooking message boards, at family gatherings the last few weeks, the buzz has been all about back to school stuff. Aside from our youngest nephew starting university (yikes!!), dh & I are untouched by it all. We spent the long weekend cleaning house, browsing in bookstores, watching TV, sleeping in, planning our upcoming vacation. I'm sure most of the parents we know would be insanely jealous if they knew. How little they know...


  1. There's something I've been meaning to ask you. You mentioned that your sister is childless/free by choice. What are your feelings about it?

  2. Anonymous, much as I would have loved to have a niece or nephew to spoil, & sad (& guilty) as I feel that my parents have no grandchildren, I am perfectly fine with my sister being CFBC. I respect her, & other CFBC people, for knowing themselves so well & for sticking to their guns & going very much against the tide in our pronatalist world. I would much, much rather that people be like my sister than just have kids because that's what's expected of you or because you were wavering & someone talked you into it -- & then live to regret it.

    My sister isn't exactly a child hater, but she's not wild about them either. Funnily enough, kids adore her. I think she would have been a fabulous aunt. : )

    Hmmm, this could be a standalone post...! But I thought I'd answer you right away. ; )

  3. Yes, I think your response to Anon here would make a fascinating post.

    Wow, junior high...

  4. (*HUGS*) It sort of creeps up on you, doesn't it?

  5. It's hard to imagine 7th grade, and what should have been. Thinking of you Loribeth!