Monday, May 16, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Reminders I don't need...

...about the life that might have been mine (and my daughter's):
  • An online friend in the U.S. just posted a photo from her son's high school graduation (boy, you finish school early there... grad here won't be until late June!).
  • Dh's cousin's son -- just a few weeks older than our Katie would have been -- announced on Facebook last week that he's been accepted to a prestigious Canadian university. 
  • Another cousin's son, also set to graduate high school this year, is being scouted by U.S. colleges for a sports scholarship.  
  • Malia Obama -- whom I only recently realized is the same age Katie would have been -- made headlines when her decision to attend Harvard was announced recently.
  • Even one of my favourite cartoon strips -- Between Friends -- is featuring the angst of parents Harv and (especially) Susan over their daughter Emma's forthcoming graduation -- and her determination to attend an out-of-province school this fall.
    • It doesn't seem that long ago that Susan & Harv, like me & dh, were going through infertility.
    • Emma was adopted. It was a closed adoption, but I remember an interesting series of strips where Susan encounters the birth mom, who was watching her & Emma in the park. The adoption hasn't been brought up in the strip in many years, though.
  • Glad to be away from the two high schools that Katie might have attended, and their front-lawn signs that announced every event she would have been involved with -- including prom and graduation this year. (Also glad that there aren't any high schools near our new condo to remind me either.)
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  1. ((HUGS)) My next door neighbor had a son on our exact due date. Every milestone of his reminds me of a life that isn't ours...(((HUGS)))

  2. I'm sorry this is such a difficult time for you, Loribeth. I wish I could help. Just know that I'm thinking of you. Give yourself something to look forward to- that always helps me during difficult times. A nice, summer vacation maybe?

  3. Hugs! I know these next few months are going to be hard. Thinking about you!

  4. Sending love, and abiding with you, Loribeth.

  5. Oh, these reminders are exactly what you don't need. And hopeful too that your new life in your glamorous hotel/condo, will bring fewer reminders. Not about Katie, because I know she's always there with you, but those constant reminders about the stage you could have been at.

    Sending hugs.

  6. (((HUGS))) Ack...some days it does feel like the reminders are like sudden flood around us and it's almost impossible to avoid them all.

  7. Do you think it will get easier once all these standard school milestones are past? I hope so...

  8. Holding you in my heart and just abiding with you.

  9. Sending much love and remembering Katie with you.

  10. Ach, poo. Holding the space with love for you.

  11. So sorry for all of the jabs that exist, especially this time of year.

    You always do such a faithful job honoring your Katie.

    Our next door neighbors had a fancy tent set up this past Thursday and my first natural thought was that it was for a 50th b-day, as that's something I can relate to. Alas it was for their son's college graduation. Groooooooan.