Thursday, May 19, 2016

Right now...

Right now... (an occasional meme): 

Reading:  "All the Single Ladies" by Rebecca Traister. (Yes, I was reading this the LAST time I wrote a "Right now" post, lol. But I did finish a few other books in the meantime.)

Watching:  The suppertime news on TV.

Listening:  To the rattle and hum of construction equipment. (Which brings me to the next subject:)

Following:  Progress on the construction of a new luxury townhouse development behind our condo building. It's sometimes noisy around here during the day (especially with the windows open), but it's been interesting to watch things progress. I've been taking photos & posting them in a separate album on Facebook. Not sure anyone else finds it as interesting as we do, but, whatever. ;)

Drinking:  Water. Lots of water. Trying to maintain a good intake. The new condo is quite dry -- we've only been able to crack 40% on the hygrometer once or twice, and it's been as low as 23%. We've bought a humidifier, but it's pretty noisy :p so I try not to put it on unless I have to. Of course, it's likely the summer weather will soon be so humid we will be using the air conditioner to DEhumidify things. ;)

Eating:  For dinner tonight: oven-baked pork chops, baked potato & broccoli.

Wearing:  Still in my retirement uniform of yoga pants & T-shirt, lol.

Anticipating:  The upcoming Victoria Day long weekend (although every weekend is a long weekend when you're retired...!), and getting into my capris & sandals, very soon!!

Contemplating:  Whether I want to paint, before or after we get our new furniture (now on order), and what colour(s)? 

(Dh & BIL think we should paint before the new furniture arrives;  I appreciate there would be less stuff to move around & cover up, but I also like the idea of waiting & picking colours that actually go with the furniture. ;)  The main living space is currently a very pale shade of blue;  I kind of like how light & airy it makes the place look and how well it sets off the black & white & stainless steel of the kitchen, as well as the laminate wood floors -- but I'm thinking we should go just a shade or two deeper and possibly a little more grey than blue. Our house was mostly painted in warm shades for the entire time we lived there, so I'm thinking something a bit more cool toned would be a fun change. What do you think?) 

Wishing: Aunt Flo would just begone from my life, already. :p  

Coughing:  I went for the last few years at work with hardly any sick days (& most of those Aunt Flo-related  :p ). I'm currently on cold #4 since Christmastime and definitely #3 since we put our house up for sale in March.  (I'm thinking stress may be playing a role here, as well as seasonal allergies). Bah, humbug. :p

Loving:  Our new condo (if not the horrible traffic hereabouts...!). 


  1. I feel you on the painting conundrum! What did it for us is that the current painting job is so bad that we didn't feel like we could live with it until we bought new furniture. So worst case we'll have to paint again (shhhhh, don't tell hubs!). It sounds like cool tones would be perfect for the space! Maybe you could even do a darker accent wall with the rest in a lighter color? So many decisions! :)

    I'm enjoying your townhouse construction photos. Hubs is too. He works in the construction industry so he tells me about each step of the process as I show him the pictures.

    I'm with you on Aunt Flo! The useless hag needs to move along!

    I need to follow your lead on the water consumption. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I share the same uniform as you and stand in solidarity with yoga pants.