Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Right now...

Right now... (an occasional meme): 

Reading:  Juggling two books at the moment: "Florence Foster Jenkins" by Nicholas Martin and Jasper Beck (went to see the movie this past weekend -- reviews of both to come) and "The Bridge Ladies" by Betsy Lerner.  

Watching/Following:  (What else?) The Olympics. :) I haven't followed these Olympics as closely as past ones, perhaps because we were travelling for much of the first part of them, but I did catch several of Penny Oleksiak and Michael Phelps's amazing swims, and Usain Bolt's incredible third gold medal run.

Listening:  To this catchy little earworm. It was playing in the bookstore when we were there the other day and I had to look it up when we got home. Never heard of the singers, but I found a live performance clip of the same song on YouTube, and they are a cute couple.

Drinking:  Lots of water & iced tea.  

Eating: A lot of hamburgers lately. Hadn't had one in years -- just got out of the habit -- but have been catching up lately ;) -- had some really good ones on our trip, and had one for lunch today.   

Wearing:  Shorts & tank tops inside;  capris & T-shirts outside.

Loving:  Our new furniture (which was delivered the day before we left...! -- one piece still to come later this week), and especially my new china cabinet. :)  It is beautiful, and has lots of space for my wedding china, crystal and other pretty things, which were packed away in the basement of our house & mostly unused for the past 26 years. (The lovely old brownstone apartment where we lived the first five years we were married had built-in china cabinets -- lucky us!)

Wondering: Where the summer went to??  July just zoomed by, and now we're halfway through August and running into back-to-school shoppers everywhere. Something we thankfully don't have to worry about as non-parents...!

Trying:  To achieve a balance between getting out of the house during the day and avoiding the hordes of said back-to-school shoppers, lol. ;)

Anticipating: The next big event on our social calendar: Older Nephew's wedding this fall, which is rapidly approaching. Eeeeekkkk!!

Hoping: That I will still fit into the lovely dress I bought for it a few months ago, especially after eating all those hamburgers, etc...!  I gained 5.5 lbs while we were away on our trip. :p  Hoping that getting back to our usual routines & eating habits will help me lose it again. (I did buy some Spanx to go with the dress, which should help, lol.) 

Contemplating: Another major road trip (!). BIL & (especially) SIL want us to come with them to Atlantic Canada after the wedding is over, which would entail driving through Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & PEI. I'm thinking the weather would be better if we waited until next summer, but whatever. ;)  We might luck into seeing some fall colours, depending on exactly when we go. Dh & I spent a week in Nova Scotia six years ago as a belated 25th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves, and had a blast. That was in September, and the weather was mostly good then, although we did find ourselves on the fringes of a hurricane in the north Atlantic...!


  1. Sounds like you're settling back in. And I'm envious of new furniture! My wedding china rarely sees the light of day.

  2. Yay to another road trip! Go for it. I loved that part of the world. And provide lots of photos, please.

    I can relate to trying to get out of the house, but avoiding the back-to-school shoppers. We don't have quite the same back-to-school frenzy because schools wear uniforms, and so there is no frenetic clothes shopping. (This makes me wonder - do Canadians wear school uniforms?) I always feel as if I get to reclaim my town once school goes back!

    Good luck on the dress! I'm managing to keep off some of the weight I lost when I had my foot in a cast (you'd think it would have been the opposite case, wouldn't you?), and that's made me happy. I'm sure those few kilos will melt away.

    I want a photo of your china cabinet. It feels like I've been looking for a china cabinet for the last 20 years! I have a lot of my mother-in-law's crystal, and will soon be taking possession (once I do a road trip down south) of all my mother's treasures I chose after her funeral, and will need somewhere to store it all.

    Selfishly, it's nice to have you back.

  3. Glad to be back! ;) Generally, no school uniforms. Certainly not in public schools. Private or Catholic schools usually do have uniforms or stricter dress codes, though. So the vast majority of Canadian kids are looking for back to school outfits right now. ;)