Thursday, July 26, 2018

It never rains but... :(

This watching people you love get old & sick completely sucks. :(  I guess it's the age we (& our parents) are at, but it's depressing as hell. Right now:

  • FIL likely has less than a month left, if that. And because he's been sick, I haven't been able to get home this summer to see my own aging parents, for the first time in YEARS. 
  • Not only that, stepMIL's EX-husband died suddenly two days ago! Two of her kids & a grandson live with her & FIL -- they're expecting FIL to go and here's their own dad suddenly gone first. 
  • One of my high school friends lost her mom a few weeks ago (just a few days after she'd been there to visit her) & now her dad is in the hospital. She lives in Ontario;  they live in British Columbia, and this is the fourth time she's had to travel out there last-minute since May. :(  
  • Another friend just lost her MIL unexpectedly this morning. :(  
  • AND -- we are less than two weeks away from Katie's "anniversary" (the one on the paperwork and her niche marker).  TWENTY YEARS, you guys!!  :(  
I don't know why stuff like this always happens all at once, but I wish it would stop... :( 


  1. sending you hugs from Europe, dear Loribeth.

  2. Dear Loribeth, I send you hugs too from Europe!

  3. Oh Loribeth, that's a lot of loss. I am so sorry for this difficult period. I am sending you hugs from across the border. <3

  4. It all sucks. The first thing my girlfriends and I talk about now is always the health and wellbeing of their or my parents/inlaws/elderly relatives. I can relate.

  5. That sounds really hard, and the timing just amplifies everything. Thinking of you and Katie as her birthday approaches.