Monday, July 9, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: 33

This past Friday was our 33rd (!) wedding anniversary. :)  We started the day by (what else??) visiting the local megabookstore in the early afternoon -- a more typical "us" thing to do, I cannot imagine. ;)

Later in the afternoon, we parked our car near the recently opened nearby subway station and took the 45-minute ride downtown. Dh could care less if he ever set foot in downtown Toronto again (even though he was born & raised there, & worked there for almost 30 years) -- but I miss being there sometimes (the shopping! the museums! the restaurants! the architecture! the cultural events -- etc. etc.) -- and I was happy to be back in familiar territory. The previous week had been one scorchingly hot & humid day after another -- but happily, the day of our anniversary was just pleasantly warm (23C), breezy & humidity-free. :)  We had a nice dinner, strolled around a bit, did some people watching, listened to a free outdoor concert -- and then headed to the beautiful old Royal Alexandra Theatre to see an all-Canadian cast in the hit musical "Come From Away." 

The show is about 9/11 (!), and the airline passengers who found themselves stranded for several days in & around Gander, Newfoundland, where the locals opened their homes and their hearts. In a world where kindness and generosity currently (sadly) seem in very short supply, the message of this show could not be more uplifting -- and welcome. Go see it, if you have the chance!!

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He & me at 33. :)  


  1. I hope I've said it already, but happy anniversary! It sounds a perfect day - even the weather cooperated. And how wonderful to finish with an uplifting musical. I've never heard of this one, but will remember it now.

    1. It's a homegrown Canadian musical, but it's currently a big hit on Broadway too. Our PM invited Ivanka Trump to come see it last year. ;) (This is before dear old dad started slagging him & starting trade wars with us...!) I believe I read (on Wikipedia?) that a movie version & productions in other countries are in the works, including Britain (London) & Australia.

  2. Happy anniversary! What a glorious day. And that story about Gander -- I had no idea they'd made a musical about it! That story warms my heart. I love that picture of the two of you! Such happiness and love beaming from it. <3

  3. Looking lovely! Congratulations on 33 years!

  4. Congrats on 33 years...such a big milestone! You guys sounded like you had quite a lovely day...I am like you, I love all the things about city life! So glad the weather cooperated for you to have a nice humidity free visit! And gorgeous photo!