Monday, July 2, 2018

MicroblogMondays: "The Handmaid's Tale, Episode 11: Holly"

After watching each episode of "The Handmaid's Tale," I like to Google reviews to see what the critics had to say, and whether they picked up on the same things I did (or saw something that I didn't). (It also gives me a chance to wind down a little before heading off to bed!): 

This paragraph from Vulture's review of Season 2, Episode 11 (which I watched last night) had me silently fist-pumping (so as not to wake up dh, lol): 
[Fred & Serena's] argument is the grand unburdening of the anger and resentment that’s been brewing in their relationship for years. And underneath it all has been Serena’s desire for a baby. It’s a sharp indictment of our parent-centric society, of the idea that successful adulthood necessarily includes parenting. Despite her prominence, her beauty, and her wealth, Serena actively abandoned her intellectual freedom — and helped oppress an entire nation’s worth of other women and dissenters — for the promise of a child.
Also: Did anyone else clue in that the voice on Radio Free America that Offred/June heard in the car was Oprah??

Did you watch? What did you think? 

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  1. AAAAAA I am behind! Although great that you have no spoilers here. It is really hard to be able to see where Serena is coming from, even if I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do similar things. I loved that moment in Season One where she's told she can't read something because it's against the law, and she tells her husband "I know, I WROTE IT." She sort of forgot that when she was all "A Woman's Place" that it would also subjugate her, I think. I'll keep an ear out for Oprah, too!

  2. I don't have Hulu so I have to get this from the library. I just finished season 1 so it will be awhile before I can catch up with you. That commentary is chilling...the lengths we (I) would go to to become a parent. Oh my, when you put it this way!

    I do the same thing researching Westworld episodes. More because I don't trust myself to figure things out.

  3. The episodes come out on Hulu (which we can't access in Canada) on Wednesday, & then get shown here on Bravo on Sunday night. (Two more this season to go!!) It's soooo hard to avoid spoilers on Twitter, etc., and to resist temptation to Google what happened ahead of time!!

  4. I watched it last week, and the argument between Fred and Serena had me empathising with Serena. Though I'm not sure I'd have given everything up for that. I agree with Jess. I think Serena forgot for a time that she was a woman, and would be subject to the law too.

    We get new episodes on Thursdays - yay, tomorrow!
    And I'm not sure I realised that was Oprah. I'm going to play that bit again and really listen! (I get it on a streaming service.)

    1. I should have actually said, "Did anyone clue in..." because I actually didn't realize it was Oprah either... I did hear earlier that she was doing a cameo in one of this season's episodes, but I didn't clue in until I read about it later in one of the episode reviews. "Stars & stripes forever, baby..." lol.